10 Best Career Opportunities For Choleric-Sanguine Temperament Blends.

Which Careers Are Best Suitable For A Cholsan Temperament Blend?

The Choleric-Sanguine or cholsan temperament blend is the second most extroverted personality after their sanchol counterpart. Although, he may not be that people-oriented person, who always wants to be with people and dominate a discussion. Even if it means throwing himself into the conversation uninvited, like the way his sanchol counterpart will do. But he’s sure an outgoing person, who when found in a group of people, often loves them to pander to his idea and opinions.

While a sanchol blend could be a bit yielding and receptive to the opinions or ideas of other persons in a group, but a cholsan is very domineering, assertive and egocentric. He likes it his way, loves everyone to pander to his own interest. Should you not allow them to have their way, or attempt to disagree with them they’ll not hesitate to sever their relationship with you or perhaps, make mincemeat of you with their 🔪 knife hurting words.

It’s for this reason that they’re often in conflict and controversy with people and could also ride roughshod over anyone who disagrees with their idea and opinions. They find it very easy to make decisions, both for themselves and for others. And should they not be given the right to be in charge, then that relationship or conversation will rarely be cordial, and could come to an abrupt end.

Never engage a him in an argument, because you can never win. He is a very narrow-minded and opinionated person, who often likes holding on dogmatically to his own opinion to the point of unreasonableness. Even when it’s obvious that you’ve got a superior opinion, he may not accept or admit it before you, but he surely goes back to reason and consider it when he’s alone.

All choleric blends, especially those whose primary or predominant blend of temperament is choleric, has got this trait. This is because cholerics are described as 🔥 fire, very quick and hot personalities. They are resolute and result-oriented persons, who do not take no for an answer. Cholerics are easily the most self-sufficient and confident of the four temperament categories.

Just like I described their sanchol counterpart to be very lively and self-sufficient, but they are basically more lively than self-sufficient. The cholsans are more self-sufficient than being lively in their lifestyle. They’re very hardworking and productive, dogged and determined to achieve their goals and targets. Let us briefly consider their attitude or lifestyle in terms of their careers.

Although not as analytical, detailed and intelligent like his melancholic blend counterpart, but a cholsan is sure one of the best in his career or job. His proneness to work and any activity that is result-based, makes him a very competent and productive personality at his workplace. He often panders towards self-reliant careers, where he could work independently with little or no supervision. When it is got to do with their career, cholsans are very hardworking and productive persons, who are always very serious whenever it has to do with their job.

It’s on this premise that we’re going to consider some of the best careers that ranks even with a choleric-sanguine temperament blend strengths.

Best Career Opportunities For Choleric-Sanguine Temperament Blends:

Typical Choleric-sanguine woman:

Careers that matches a cholsan blend are those careers that are self-reliant enough, where they’ll work with less supervision and also independently. Careers that enables them to come up with their own unique style or way of doing things. Cholerics have got very unique way of doing things, different from how others do it.

It is basically for this reason that most persons looks up to them and tries to replicate exactly what they are doing. Cholsans rarely cares about what others do or what they think about him, because he believes he can do it better. They’re the most self-sufficient of the blends, with an independent mind. Let’s look at some of the careers that best suits their strengths.

1. Branding and Marketing:

Cholsans naturally are a brand on their own. They know how to market themselves to the public without even talking to anyone. They often leads by example. Unlike their sanchol blend counterpart, cholsans needs not to talk to you about what they want to market or advertise, before you will become interested. Just seeing them, already makes you interested in what they have, because they easily appear exactly what they promote that tickles your fancy.

Like I earlier stated, cholsans have got their own distinct and unique style, and a very conspicuous way of doing things that people often admires and are very much passionate about. It is basically for this reason that they will not have any difficulty succeeding in the branding and marketing careers. Where they will become personal or private brands and get endorsement deals from business organizations, or become brand managers and rise to the position of a chief branding and marketing officer of their company or organization.

2. Influencer Marketing:

This is one of the best careers that fits in very well with a choleric-sanguine blend personality. Majority of social media influencers are cholsan blends or must at least, have some choleric combined with sanguine traits. They are independent and self-sufficient as cholerics, and also very flamboyant, vivacious and lively as the sanguines. This traits enables them to easily have some level of influence on others, especially their followers on different social media platforms.

Therefore, brands and organizations identifies them and get their personal endorsements. Influencer marketing is still one of the best methods that so many big brands and organization use to market and sell their products and services to the public. The process of getting the endorsement or approval of any influencer by a big company or business organization in a bit to help them market, advertise or sell their products or services to their followers is known as Influencer marketing.

Naturally, a Choleric-Sanguine person embodies the basic qualities of a good Influencer. His lifestyle and unique ways of doing things, often makes a lot of persons pander to his opinions and seek for his approval. Thus, as a typical cholsan personality, influencer marketing is one the best careers you should contemplate going into, since it matches and conforms to your basic temperament strengths. Books like the influencer code by Amanda Russell is one of the bestseller that will enhance your career in influencer marketing.

3. Politics:

Choleric-Sanguine personalities also excels in politics since they know how to pool the crowd towards them. They may not be good administrators that are very successful when elected into political offices, but they are for sure very effective and efficient political leaders who knows how to pull the crowd, and in this case, the voters, to their side.

For instance, the former United States president, Donald J. Trump is a typical example of typical Choleric-Sanguine personality. Eventhough, he may not have been that strategic enough in carrying out his functions as the US president, to enable him succeed so much as a political office holder, but he was very famous for pulling in the crowd and the numbers. Because he knows how to appeal to the emotions and sentiments of majority of the people, which is basically what typical cholsans, and perhaps their sanchol blend counterparts knows how to do.

As a Choleric-Sanguine personality, one of the natural quality you’ve got, and which is also basic for becoming a famous political leader, is knowing how to talk to the crowd in a way that appeals to their sentimental and also emotional psyche, which makes them pander to your opinions. Therefore, a career in politics is one of such that you could easily excel in. But if you could be more strategic in carrying out your functions and activities, like the melancholies, the sky will be your starting point in the political climate.

4. Real Estate Development:

No other temperament can be more ambitious than a Choleric-Sanguine blend. They love big achievements, and also doing big things. Cholsans do not pander towards small businesses, they like it big. Thus, taking the risk to invest very huge amount of money into a new business, is not uncommon for them. A typical cholsan wants to be linked and associated with the best and biggest of businesses that almost everybody craves for.

They love developing and also owning properties. Lands, buildings, Hotels, estates or any kind of landed property that costs a fortune absolutely tickles their fancy. It’s for this reason that so many of them are into the real estate business. They’re realtors of very high repute, and they do exceptionally well in property and real estate business or careers.

It is basically for this reason that a career in property and real estate development will be one of the best you could decide to venture into as a cholsan. You’ve got the prowess, the business acumen and the negotiating capability to go into the real estate industry, plus also the passion for developing and building something great and unique that will be like a cynosure to everyone.

Next to the choleric temperament blends that also loves and does very well in the real estate development career, are the choleric-melancholic blends, also known as cholmel blends. Just like their cholsan counterparts, cholmel blends also likes to own the biggest and best of businesses that people are so much passionate about, and are very interested in. Thus, as a typical Choleric-Sanguine blend, a career in the real estate business is one you will find very interesting and rewarding.

5. Project/Construction Supervisor:

There’s no other temperament that loves to be at the construction and project site more than a cholsan blend of temperament. He is a realist, who loves practical than theories. Thus, he often panders towards construction jobs, and being at the construction site often interests him than designing the intended facility or deliverable on paper.

He may not be a good civil or building engineer that will be involved in the structural drawings and designs of a project facility like his cholmel blend counterpart, but he’s sure good at quickly understanding the design and efficient at producing or bringing it into reality.

Apart from cholmel and cholphleg blends, who has got some analytical and detailed skills to design structures and also bring them to reality, there’s no other temperament blend that has got the natural intelligence or perhaps sophistication to quickly understand and interpret a designed structure and produce it as it’s on paper, unless being trained in that field.

Majority of the world’s most gigantic buildings and skyscrapers were built by cholsans, cholmel and cholphleg blends. But I’m certain that they were designed by any of the predominant melancholic or phlegmatic blends. It’s basically is for this reason that career in construction & project supervision is one that matches Choleric-sanguine temperament blend natural strengths and qualities. And improving yourself in this career field, will be a highly rewarding one for you.

6. Business & Property Law:

There are so many aspects of the law career or profession, but the one that seems to attract and interests a typical Choleric-sanguine temperament blend and which they also do very well in, is the business and property law career.

Perhaps, because of their love to own and acquire properties, makes them become very much passionate about knowing what the law stipulates in this career field. A cholsan is so much adept at the business and property laws of their country. And they’ll not hesitate to vociferously use the law in the courts to defend themselves and their clients against anyone who tries to violate their rights.

As a Choleric-Sanguine temperament blend, who’s contemplating going into the law profession, the business and property law is one of the best you should probably consider. Because it ranks even with your temperament strengths, and you’ll also feel fulfilled and satisfied practicing it.

7. Tech Entrepreneurship:

Cholsans are tech savvy persons. They have a natural affinity for technology and technological gadgets. They’re the first to become aware of the latest and best gadgets in town ahead of others, and also how to use it. As a matter fact cholsan personalities, and perhaps their sanchol counterparts are easily the most sophisticated and exposed persons when it comes to trending or latest trends in the world, especially in the area of fashion and technology.

It’s basically for this reason that they could be fashion, tech and lifestyle bloggers. Thus, tech entrepreneurship is one of the best careers that a typical Choleric-sanguine temperament blend will find very interesting, if perhaps you decide to go into it. Because, your natural affinity for technology, makes you a tech savvy person, who is very much in tune with latest tech gadgets and trends.

8. Fashion and Lifestyle Blogging:

Like I earlier stated, no other blends of temperaments is more enthusiastic about fashion than typical cholsans or their sanchol counterparts, even a materialistic phlegmatic doesn’t come close. Cholsans are fashionistas. They know the latest trends in the world of fashion. And it is basically for this reason that most people believe that they’re too glamorous and elegant in their dressing. Cholsan women in particular, have got knack for fashion and living very sophisticated lifestyles that people often loves to admire.

Choleric-sanguine personalities may not be so much creative, detailed and analytical like their melancholy blend counterparts, when it comes to some engineering drawings and designs. They are not so much conscious or attracted to theoretical knowledge of education and paper qualifications. But they’re more business minded or practical skills conscious. But when it comes to being creative in coming up with new designs in fashion, and also looking very good, you’ve got to give it to the cholsan blends.

It’s for this reason i will recommend pursuing and building a career as a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Blogging nowadays has become very profitable career for so many persons across the world. Books like the essential habits of 6-figure bloggers will help you to jumpstart your profitable blogging career. Asides making money with your blog, using various monetization methods, you could become a fashion and lifestyle celebrity blogger and get invitations for endorsement deals with other fashion and entertainment industries.

9. Sports and Entertainment:

Cholsans, just like their sanchol twin blend likes the limelight rather than working behind the scenes. They like to be the in the news always, and they are not shy of facing the camera or being on stage. Thus, any career that’ll make them be the talking point or the center of focus, is what they pander towards. Careers in sports, and in the entertainment industry are one of the best for them. It’s for this reason that more Choleric-sanguine personalities are found in the entertainment and showbiz business or career than any other temperament blends.

10. Business Directors/Executives:

Although a cholsan personality may not be a good business manager, who is in charge of efficiently managing all assets of a business, and coordinating all business activities and ensuring everything within the business areas or environment is done in an orderly manner, following all protocols or due process. He’ll be better hiring, maybe a predominant melancholic or even a phlegmatic blend to properly manage it for him.

However, a Choleric-Sanguine person is effective and efficient at directing and presiding over a business. He’s adept at knowing the latest business trends, new areas to invest in, and he is not afraid of investing huge finance to expand his business. It basically for this reason that a career as a business director or executive is one of the best that suits a typical Choleric-Sanguine temperament blend personality.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. If you find this topic helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.

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