How To Earn A Choleric Woman’s Loyalty And Respect.

Tips To Making A Domineering And Independent Choleric Woman Respect And Adore You:

Some of the major attributes or traits of predominant cholerics is that they are very domineering, influential plus self-sufficient. Both male and female cholerics possesses this natural traits, and ability to make anyone pander or succumb to what they want or desire. They could do it through taking some coercive acts, taking responsibilities that’ll leave you with no other option than to do what they want, or perhaps because of their courageous, fearless and aggressive nature, you could find yourself unknowingly tilting towards becoming their puppet. There’s really no other temperament that can be as intimidating and daring as cholerics. Their extremely hard to please nature often makes people want to seek their approval or opinion in order for them to feel good and confident.

Apart from a predominantly sanguine who comes close and whose charisma and perhaps their flamboyance, and people oriented lifestyle often makes them have so many followers and of course persons who always panders to them. There is basically no other temperament that is naturally more domineering, assertive, persuasive and influential like the predominant choleric person. This no doubt makes so many persons to often look to them for approval. For a typical choleric, if you can’t dominate and influence him or her, they’ll dominate and influence you one way or another and make you succumb to what they want.

A choleric woman or wife is not left out in this character. She knows how to have her way and get whatever she wanted. If perhaps she had married a typical phlegmatic man, look closely to their marriage, she must be the one making all the decisions in the home and calling the shots. And if maybe its a predominant melancholic man that she had married, the man will rarely take decisions unilaterally, without her input or consent. This is how very influential and domineering a typical choleric woman in marriage can be.

Eventhough cholerics enjoys making unilateral decisions and also calling all the shots, without caring to ask for anyone’s consent or contribution also including those of their spouses. But they’re very much averse to, and also detests anyone doing same to them. They often consider it as a disrespect and disloyalty to their personality and consequently develop the feeling that they’re not being regarded or valued, which they often vehemently retaliate by way of withdrawing their support and assistance.

However, you must understand that cholerics do not just do this or take decisions on their own without your consent because they want to spite you deliberately or be disrespectful to you, perhaps treat you like you’re not so much important to them especially as their spouse. But it’s rather because that’s how they’re wired to behave. It is basically one of their temperament weakness.

Cholerics are very ambitious persons. The most ambitious of the four basic temperament categories. When they want something or maybe have taken a decision on something, it is difficult to make them back off or rescind their decision. And they will not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who does not agree with their decisions.

They are the most self-sufficient and independent persons in the world. They do not believe that anyone can be too important or indispensable to the point that they cannot do without them or hinder them from achieving their dreams, goals and visions. Thus, the thought of thinking that they can do without anybody is not uncommon for them. It is this very lifestyle plus their strong desire to quickly achieve their goals that often makes them to hurriedly make decisions without your input, not necessarily because they want to spite you.

Even in their marriage and families cholerics, whether male or female, often wants to display this particular traits or attitude, and it sometimes leads to conflicts and marital crisis in their home especially if they married a predominant melancholic or maybe sanguine personality. It’s basically for this reason that we want to consider how to make your domineering and influential choleric wife respect and be more submissive to you. You may want to read 8 key strategies of living with an abusive and domineering choleric man.

I’ve seen and heard complains of men being disrespected by their wives, and will not submit nor allow them make decisions, and some of them are being practically controlled, influenced and dominated by their wives. The truth is that, if you cannot influence a strong and influential woman like a choleric woman, she must influence you, and also have the ability to call the shots in your marriage.

Marriage is no doubt supposed to be about connecting with one another, about partnership, and then building together. It is equally meant to be a symbiotic relationship for the benefits of both spouses. A healthy marriage is one of those wherein both spouses is expected to influence one another in a positive direction with their natural temperament strengths, and must also have mutual respect for one another. But a situation wherein either of the spouses is often more influential and domineering than the other, this is obviously not a healthy marriage.

However, there are some basic things that determines the healthiness of a marriage, wherein both spouses have got mutual respect and loyalty for one another. And one of them is a person’s personality traits which is basically as a result of the temperament they are born with.

Our character, which is controlled by our inherited temperaments no doubt plays a very major role in how others perceives us, and consequently either attracts them more to us, or perhaps completely repels them. You’d agree with me that when you’re attracted to someone because of their character, according them respect and regards will not be so much a big deal for you.

So what happens when you feel very irritated by their traits or behavioral pattern and there’s really nothing that interests you about their character? I guess you’d have little or no respect and regards for them, right? This is actually the case for so many spouses in marriage, eventhough they could pretend in public that all is well with them, which is rarely the case.

Have you seen a marriage where the woman is always verbally abusive of her husband, she rarely hesitates to at the slightest provocation publicly and verbally attack and abuse him, maybe because of his lifestyle? Or perhaps a marital relationship where the man is visibly scared of his wife, and rarely has a mind of his own, she completely controls and influences everything in the home? If you take a good look at these two marital scenerios very well, I can assure you that the first must be a marital relationship between typical sanguine man and a choleric woman. While the second must definitely be the one between a typical phlegmatic man and his choleric wife.

For a marriage between predominant sanguine and choleric spouses is often ridden with compatibility in lifestyle issues or challenges, while the marital relationship between a predominant phlegmatic and choleric spouses is no doubt always fraught with some kind of domineering attitude, where the typical choleric has got that dominant ability to be able to dictate or decide what happens in the marriage.

The best, and also the most successful marriage is one where both spouses have found some unique strengths and qualities in each other which had overtime formed their character, and they always admire and complement each other with those strengths. Thus, it’s important to note that majority of these strengths and qualities are very inherent, courtesy of our inherited temperament or the temperament we are born with, which often influences and controls our behavioral patterns in marriage.

Temperament is one important thing that every intending couples needs to have discussions about before going into marriage. And it should no doubt also inform their decisions to marry whosoever they want to marry. From having a good understanding of the four basic temperaments, with their respective strengths and weaknesses, then we’ll be able to figure out some of the personality traits that interests and attracts us to one another, and those that repels us. This will also no doubt enable us to live peacefully in marriage together with mutual love and respect to relish.

For a typical choleric wife, one of the major traits and personal attributes they’ll often display in their marriage, is tendency to dominate and influence all the major decisions. However, just as other temperaments has got some strengths and qualities that interests and attracts them to others, and could also make them have so much respect and regards for them. The same way a typical choleric woman has got some traits that she very much admires in her man, and she could be willing to submit and surrender her self-will to him. It’s these traits we are going to be considering.

Traits That a Predominant Choleric Woman often Admires In a Man:

Although, a very loving, caring and romantic woman, who often adores her husband and treats him like her king, and also places the well-being of her family far and above every other thing. But a typical choleric woman is the most domineering, assertive and very influential of all the other female temperament categories. They’re also the most aggressive and boisterous when their emotions is undermined. She’s rarely the gentle and calm type like her phlegmatic and melancholic counterparts. She’s very blunt, cares less about anyone when she is angry. And she will never hesitate to loudly, and sometimes annoyingly express her feelings when she’s pissed.

She’s that kind of a woman that likes independence, thus will not wait for her husband to cater for all her needs but often loves to work to support and contribute to the advancement of her family. She loves taking responsibility, infact, she feels happier and fulfilled seeing that she’s also contributing to the well-being of her family. Her kids feels so secured and protected under her, and she treats her husband like a king and a hero.

There’s no one that’s more important to a choleric woman other than her heartthrob. She is intentional about whatever she wants to do or achieve, including falling in love. But a typical choleric woman rarely falls in love though. They know what they want, and they often go for it. If you are not who she wants, then you better not even make advances at her, else you will get their blunt response, which could be sometimes very insulting.

She often carries herself like a queen, infact they’re the queen mothers of the earth. It’s for this reason that she is desirous of a king who could easily complement her, because she often wants to be the best in everything. So despite how blunt, independent and domineering typical choleric woman may be which some persons may view as being disrespectful, there are some qualities and strengths in the type of men she easily panders to, that could make her respect and submit to him.

We are going to take a look at some of these qualities one after the other. It’s very important for you to know that when a predominant choleric woman does not see you as her king, which means you lack these qualities, she’ll never respect or adore you, and she does not pretend about it. In order to get her love, admiration, submission and respect, you must possess these qualities and naturally display them in your character.

Because of their very independent and sophisticated lifestyle, so many men often thinks that a predominant choleric woman only panders toward money, and all the good things of life. While some aren’t courageous enough to even dare making some advances at them. But the truth is that a typical choleric woman actually needs much more than money or material things to be sincerely head over heels in love with you, eventhough they could be very materialistic and also conscious of money. Let’s briefly look at some of these qualities that a predominant choleric woman often looks out for in their would-be heartthrob.

Meeting you for the very first time, the first and foremost quality in your character that a choleric woman is looking out for, is your comportment or how organized you are, sincerity in your conversation, and how confident you are in expressing your thoughts. Though a highly sophisticated person, who often dressess gorgeously, typical choleric woman is rarely attracted by your flamboyance, eloquent speeches or oratory, or maybe trying to make her feel good by over-complimenting and eulogizing her perhaps for her beauty, which predominant sanguine person will easily do.

Infact, she often views all these as flattering to deceive her, she could also feel irritated by them and may consequently never take you seriously for a serious relationship. For you to get her initial approval of you, and subsequent commitment to a very serious dating relationship with you. You obviously need to interest rather than impress her, by being a little bit more serious, decorous, disciplined and also confident. If you can exude these qualities, then you’ve basically done fifty percent of the job of getting her for a serious dating relationship.

It is basically for this reason that a typical choleric woman easily falls for or is easily attracted to a predominant melancholic man, because he’s one of those that naturally embodies those qualities. If you’ve ever seen a quiet, calm and seemingly simple man that’s being respected by a very aggressive, domineering and also independent woman.

That man must be a predominant melancholic, or maybe a phlegmatic with very considerable amount of a melancholic traits, and there must be for sure some characters or qualities that he possesses that attracts her to him. We shall be looking at some of these qualities. You may want to read a choleric and melancholic marriage. Having said that, and having gotten the initial approval of your choleric woman, let’s consider other qualities that’ll make her admire, adore and be very loyal and respectful to you.

After getting the initial consent of a predominant choleric woman to go into a dating relationship with you, there are some basic qualities in your character that she often admires, and which will make her to adore, respect and be very much loyal to you, despite how domineering and self-sufficient she may be. The first among all these qualities is your principles or strong impeccable character.

Choleric women are often very much attracted to men who has not only got principles, but they often stick to their principles despite the circumstances. A man of integrity and honesty, whose words are his bond, and is courageous enough to often stand by his decisions and whatever he has said, regardless of the amount of pressures on him to either change or rescind it. But his very uncompromising stance will no doubt often remain an admiration to his predominant choleric woman, and it will always attract and endear her more to him.

Although a typical choleric woman may possess these qualities herself, infact they’re easily one of the most principled women, in the sense that they’ve got rules of behaviours and pattern of doing things. But they are often more stubborn and recalcitrant perhaps to a very unreasonable point, since they always hold on tenaciously to their opinions or decisions which may not be borne out of reasoning, but out of selfish desire of massaging their ego. But when a choleric woman sees a morally principled man whose uncompromising attitude is borne out his conscience and conviction to stick to what’s right and just, she does not hesitate to hold back her admiration for him.

Choleric women also panders towards very disciplined and organized men. Men who are not so much loquacious but knows when it’s time to talk, act and play, and also refrain themselves from doing any of those when it is not necessary. A man who is organized in his lifestyle and ways of doing things is very much appreciated by them. It’s for this reason that they could marry a phlegmatic regardless of his docility, sluggishness or fearful disposition.

Like I said earlier, a typical choleric woman desires the best. She wants to have the best of everything that other people often admires, and therefore look up to her. This includes having the best man whose character, traits or lifestyle is an enigma to people. She often loves to be an example to others, and perhaps be their talking point. So she needs a well-behaved man who does not pander towards things that are below her standard or indulge in frivolities. But someone who is very disciplined and organized that could match up with the premium she place on herself or complement her queenly lifestyle and disposition, is the kind of man that she respects and admires.

Lastly, the typical choleric woman is also attracted to a man of vision and courage to doggedly pursue his vision. When she comes across such a man, she could go out of her way, or to any length to support him, and contribute to making sure that he achieves it. If you’re a directionless person, who has no vision or not courageous enough to stick to your dreams, goals and vision and pursue it, a choleric woman will never take you seriously, and you will always get her backlash at every little or slightest of provocation.

Being a very hard-working an activity prone person herself, who often loves to live independent lifestyle. A typical choleric woman is averse to laziness and docility, or being subservient to others because of what they can give you. She detests a man who’s loyal or has perpetually become a sycophant to someone because of what they can give him. Rather, a hard-working and visionary man, not necessarily doing some hard labours or being activity- prone like her, but working smartly and intelligently while still having his goals and visions intact often interests and encourages her to keep believing in and supporting those dreams, goals and visions.

Conclusion, the truth is that so many men often admires a typical choleric woman and perhaps wished to date or marry her. Maybe because of her very bold and fearless disposition, and also her independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. Regardless of her personal oddities and weaknesses, a choleric woman has got some very nice and uncommon qualities that’ll make any confident and courageous man to be head over heels in love with her. But the basic truth is that a lot of men are very timid of making advances at her perhaps because of these uncommon qualities, and some also misconstrues her sophisticated lifestyle as sign that she’ll be too money conscious.

For other men who may be somewhat courageous enough to approach them for a dating relationship or marriage, they may be lacking in those qualities that often interests and attracts them more to him thus, they will rarely get a typical choleric woman’s loyalty and respect. But if you want to earn your domineering, independent and also self-sufficient choleric woman’s love, loyalty and respect, you must possess the strengths and qualities listed here. As a predominant choleric woman, you may want to order the new spirit- controlled woman by Beverly Lahaye to enable you overcome some of your temperament weaknesses.

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