Best Careers For Choleric- Phlegmatic Temperament Blends

Which Careers Are Perfect For Cholphleg Temperament Blends:

Today, we want to continue with our series of considering the twelve blend of temperaments after a long while. It is very important that we go back to looking at these temperament blends and try to connect each of them with careers suitable for them, which type of temperament that they will be very much compatible with in marriage, their leadership capabilities, and also their basic strengths and weaknesses. This will no doubt help us to be more detailed and precise in describing the four basic temperaments and also the twelve blends of temperaments. It will also enable you to be more categorical and certain in classifying yourself in any of these blends.

It is basically for this reason that in today’s post we want to continue this conversation with looking at a typical choleric-phlegmatic, also known as a cholphleg temperament blend. Thus, we are mainly going to focus on best or perfect careers for them. Our main interest will be to outline some of the major strengths of a cholphleg blend of temperament and match them with both formal and informal careers that they’re best suited for. First off, let us briefly remind ourselves of who can be described as a cholphleg.

Who’s A Cholphleg Temperament Blend?

A choleric-phlegmatic is one among the twelve blends of temperaments. This persons has got choleric as their main or primary temperament while also having some phlegmatic traits, which basically is their secondary. Therefore we could describe them as ambiverts, since they’re neither pure introverts nor extroverts as proposed by a Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, they are rather intermediate. The choleric aspect of a cholphleg is extroverted, and this will make a typical cholphleg to somewhat be an outgoing person. While also the secondary phlegmatic aspect is usually highly introverted, and which will no doubt also make them less outgoing.

This is basically someone who blends or combines the hot, quick, active and vibrant traits of the choleric plus the calm, cool, quiet, unexcited and also the unmotivated traits of the typical phlegmatic to make a cholphleg work on inertia. The cholphleg could start very slowly at first, and may not really impress you, but their commitment, and very hardworking qualities plus consistency actually yields fruit in the end. They often work on inertia. They rarely move until they’re pushed or forced to, and when they start moving it’s difficult to stop them until they get to where they want to.

Like I stated in my earlier post about the twelve blends of temperaments, that a cholphleg personality is easily one of the most balanced person in terms their lifestyle. They are a little bit outgoing and a little bit reserved. However, since choleric is their basic or predominant temperament, they will thus rather be more outgoing and busy persons than reserved or indoor persons. This blend seems to me to be the most balanced in every aspect of their lives. They know when to go out and when to be in their houses, when to work and also when to relax. When to talk or play, and when to keep quiet or be serious. They seem to know how to control themselves or self-regulate, rarely do they over-do anything.

However, the cholphleg is the most subdued or the weakest of persons of the choleric blend. Invariably, they’re more subdued and weaker than both the cholsan and cholmel. Let’s get this straight. A predominant choleric is a very active personality in extrovert category of the temperament after the sanguine, thus a typical cholsan will be hyperactive personality. Similarly, the melancholic person is more active than a phlegmatic when it comes to the introvert categories therefore, a typical cholmel will be more active than a cholphleg. Hope you got that now? Okay, let’s continue looking at who a typical cholphleg personality is.

When it comes to their strengths and qualities with respect to their job or career, a cholphleg is a very active and hardworking individual. He does what is required or expected of him, rarely does he go beyond his work or job description, but often sticks to the plan or task assigned to him. Just like his phlegchol counterpart, he enjoys and thrives more in field works than administrative duties in the office but he’ll often do a better job in the field, especially in construction and project management jobs than his phlegchol counterpart.

Basically, the choleric aspect of typical cholphlegs commands the industry, hardworking and productiveness that is required to succeed in their career. While their phlegmatic aspect brings organization and meticulous-patience into their job or career. Eventhough typical choleric persons are rarely organized and meticulously-patient persons, nevertheless, because of the phlegmatic in a cholphleg, though less influential compared to the choleric, it will make a typical cholphleg to be a bit more balanced in the way they do things and approach their jobs. For a person who has got these traits and qualities, which careers do you think are the best for them.

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Best Careers For Typical Cholphlegs:

Let’s briefly consider some of the best careers that cholphleg blends will best be suitable for, which easily matches matches their temperament strengths.

1. Business Development and Management:

When it comes to starting a business or making a business 🛫 take off from the ground, a cholphleg is one of the best persons that can make it happen or achieve without so much struggle. Eventhough that business idea may not come from him, but he’s got the capacity to execute and develop it as quickly as possible. This is because a choleric is an executioner, who does not believe is in much talking or long range planning, but going out there and getting the job done. While the phlegmatic is very much organized and meticulous, to making sure that all necessary documents pertaining to the business have been signed and all requirements have been met before going ahead to execute it.

When these two temperament blends are combined in a person, it obviously makes the person a very courageous and fearless risk taker, who is fearless and courageous enough to execute or accomplish business task, as well as an organizer and meticulously-patient individual who can run, oversee and manage a business. The choleric side of the person will bring sagacity and business acumen, while phlegmatic aspect of the person will also make his organizational qualities, management and administrative capacity to come to bare on the business. Thus, if you’re cholphleg, I think a career in business development and management is one you should probably consider because it matches your strengths. Some basic or foundational books like business development for dummies by Anna Kennedy will enable you to jumpstart your career in business development and management.

2. Logistics Personnel or Manager:

The movement of a company’s or an organization’s goods, equipment and materials, from one place to another first requires competence in handling logistics related matters, charisma an boldness in meeting and bargaining with hiring personnels or managers, or other relevant institutions that are, or may be necessary to meet. Secondly it requires planning and organization, documentation record-keeping and also meticulousness.

For a person who has got a cholphleg temperament blend, these qualities or traits are naturally deposited in you, to enable you effortlessly succeed in this logistics career. The dominant or primary choleric side in a cholphleg will definitely bring on board the first or former traits or qualities, and they will be unleashed for the job. While the second or later qualities which is typical of phlegmatics in a cholphleg blend will also be brought on board to facilitate their logistic management job or career to enable them become overwhelmingly successful in it. It’s basically for this reason that if you’re a choleric-phlegmatic temperament blend personality, you may consider a career in logistics management.

A lot of big companies or organization are daily looking for very competent and efficient logistics personnels who can seamlessly transition their goods, materials and equipment from one place to another with minimal losses or hiccups along the way. As a typical cholphleg, you’ve got the capacity and the above traits and qualities, to excel in this career.

3. Procurement Supervisor and Manager:

Procurement experts are often sought after by big industries, companies and organizations in order to enable them meet some or majority of their basic procurement needs. Companies and industries are daily transacting with one another. Both foreign and local trading and transactions, where goods and consignments are often procured and moved is on the increase these days. Thus, the services of an expert in procurement will no doubt be very much required to handle this. Apart from a cholmel who comes close, no other temperament is better qualified to take on this job task more than a typical cholphleg.

As a predominant choleric personality you’re often aware of current market values of goods and services. You no doubt also got the natural charisma and bargaining ability, when these traits and qualities are combined with the organizational and management qualities of a phlegmatic plus also the phlegmatic’s ability to document and keep details of any financial records or dealings, it undoubtedly makes the cholphleg a better fit for this career or job. As a cholphleg personality, I think that a career in procurement is one of the best you’ll do very well in.

4. Project Management/Supervision:

The hard-working and productive nature of typical cholerics in the field especially when they’re given a time line to accomplish a task. Combined with the managerial ability, that is the management of human and resources of typical phlegmatics, undoubtedly makes cholphlegs excellent project managers or supervisors. As a typical cholphleg, you may want to improve your project management skills and knowledge in order to make yourself relevant in the project and program management world, and get hired by reputable organizations to manage their projects.

5. Civil and Construction Engineering:

Next to project management career is civil and construction engineering job or career that a cholphleg will do very well in. However, as an engineer, you are required to have both theoretical knowledge and also the practical or technical know-how of engineering designs and construction. Sometimes, you may be required to design and also execute the project. Thus, if you are a predominant choleric, you may find it very difficult coming up with design solutions because you’re rarely a theoretical person. But when it’s got to do with interpreting the design and executing the project in the field, you are very much adept at it.

It’s for this reason that having some phlegmatic traits as your secondary temperament in considerable amount to your basic choleric temperament will make you to seamlessly navigate through this career as a cholphleg personality, and become an efficient civil and construction engineer. But the basics of a career in construction and civil engineering is being very good in mathematics, and in science related subjects and also technical drawing.

6. History and Diplomatic Studies:

There is no other temperament or blends of temperaments that makes better historians and diplomatic Corp more than typical cholphleg and their phlegchol counterparts. It’s true that a predominant choleric will not make a good teacher, nevertheless, one of the subject they will probably teach very if perhaps they decide to go into the teaching career is history. Cholerics have got very productive mind, and super-fast brains to quickly process informations, and also recall exactly how everything happened in the past.

One of the subjects they enjoyed in high school is history, and they will rarely forget what they were taught or stories that was told them in their favorite history classes. Therefore, when this choleric temperament is combined with the organized and peaceful or calm qualities of a typical phlegmatic, it obviously makes the cholphleg a very good historian and diplomatic personality. Thus, because you’ve got these natural qualities and traits in you as a cholphleg, I believe history and diplomatic studies is one of the best careers you’ll do very well in.

7. Human Right Lawyer:

The typical choleric personality is a forthright person, who does not like seeing people, perhaps the ordinary or less-privileged persons in society being victimized or denied their right. He’s often enthusiastic about standing up to defend them, eventhough they may sometimes be guilty of the same ill-treatment themselves unknowingly through some of their actions. But one thing you can’t take away from typical cholerics is their forthrightness, and standing up for the truth or what is right. But when combined with traits of a sympathetic and very emotional phlegmatic, it makes the cholphleg a very considerate person, who will not just defend the defenseless, but will no doubt also be above board in his interpersonal relationship with them.

It is basically for this reason that a cholphleg personality will be a very good human right lawyer, to defend the rights of the less-privileged. Apart from typical cholmel, there’s no other temperament that combines detailed analysis of the law, logical reasoning, assertiveness and aggression when defending their clients in court, to the admiration of judge. As a cholphleg, the human right law profession is one of the best career you will find very interesting, and also find satisfaction and fulfilment practicing.

8. Political Science and Public Administration:

This is one of the best careers that a cholphleg personality will find very interesting, and will also do very well in. The typical choleric person is very much attracted to careers in social sciences, particularly political science and they develop into very renowned political scientist and strategists. They may not be good at formulating some political theories that could advance the practice of politics, but they sure know how to apply their knowledge of politics, plus political strategies to become great and effective political leaders who knows how to galvanize support of people or their followers in order to win elections.

Similarly, while the choleric aspect of a cholphleg personality will make his political sagacity become accentuated, their phlegmatic aspect is a very good administrator. Therefore, when these two temperaments are combined in a person to make him or cholphleg, this person will obviously be successful in politics and administration, and also become a fulfilled and accomplished politician cum administrator. It’s for this reason that as a cholphleg, one of the social sciences major you want to consider as your career is the political science and public administration.

9. IT Management:

In this ICT age and time that the world has found itself, one of the career that is very lucrative and sought after by a lot of industries, companies and also public and private organizations are information technology or for short IT managers. Every public and private business organization wants to ensure that their ICT sector is top notch, and staffs can work seamlessly without an interruption, and with very minimal or little challenge when carrying their daily activities. Thus, it’s basically the responsibility of the IT personnel or manager to ensure that the computer systems and softwares, and also the internet connectivity of that business organization works properly. It’s also their duty to troubleshoot and repair any computer hardware or software.

Although, any temperament or blend of temperament could decide to go into the ICT related career, but the best persons who are of the choleric blends of temperaments are the ones that seamlessly, and without so much struggle succeeds in it. Particularly the choleric-phlegmatic temperament blends, they’re naturally talented and gifted in resolving technical issues, and they are also one temperament that loves practical skills. Therefore, they often become so much adept at any practical or technical skills that requires making use of their hands and brains. Their natural mechanical aptitude enables them to easily figure out the problem, and conceptualize a solution.

Therefore, as cholphleg personality, one of the career you will find very interesting and also get fulfilment and satisfaction practicing, is in the ICT sector or related careers, because it ranks even with your temperament strengths. You may want to consider going into it, in order to make these natural strengths and qualities come to bare on your job as an ICT expert. Books like IT manager’s handbook: Getting your new job done will enable you to improve your IT management career.

10. Defense and Security:

This is one career that should interest and attract cholphleg personalities. A career in defense and security, be it in military, paramilitary or civil police, is a noble career that cholphlegs often succeeds in, and also finds fulfilment and satisfaction having served their nation. The natural bold, fearless very courageous and decisive qualities of a choleric is combined with some very organized, disciplined, patient and meticulous qualities of a phlegmatic to make a cholphleg become efficient and successful in defense and security career. Apart from cholmels who may be better off, there’s rarely any other temperament that’s better suitable for this career than a cholphleg.

It’s basically for this reason that if you are a cholphleg, who’s very patriotic to your country and desires to serve her in any capacity, one of the areas you can actually deploy your natural strengths in this service, is in defense and security sector of your country.

Other careers in the informal sector that a cholphleg blend will find very interesting, that also matches their temperament strengths are:

Sports, building technicians, and real estate developers, mech technicians, automobile technicians, electricians, riggers, roustabouts, evangelists, craft, politics and so many other profitable practical vocations and occupations that has got good monetary benefits, and seems to display their leadership qualities and adeptness in that field. Another area a typical cholphleg will also do very well in, is advertising and marketing. Because of the presence of choleric as predominant in cholphleg, the cholphleg will be efficient in sales and marketing since he’s got a built-in promotional capability. They may also do well in teaching, but it must be in a practical subject or history.

Conclusion, cholphleg personalities are of the balanced persons in almost all aspects of their lives. A blend of the quick, active, bold and hot, plus the calm, cool, unmotivated, unexcited and organized personality traits are combined in ratio of 60:40 or 55:45 to balance a cholphleg and complement his or her strengths and weaknesses. Any career that requires productivity, practicality and hardwork, as well as organization, routine and meticulous- patience, is the best for a cholphleg temperament blend or personality.

Feel free to post your comments, questions and suggestions on this topic. If you find this post helpful, kindly buy me a cup of coffee or support me to maintain this blog’s running cost. Thank you.


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