Choleric-phlegmatic Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Which Temperaments Are Best Compatible With a Cholphleg Blend of Temperament?

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Just like we clearly pointed out in our previous post that the cholphleg blend of temperament seems to be the most balanced persons in their personality traits and lifestyle. Although they are the weakest of the choleric blends in the extrovert category. They are the least motivated and less active of the choleric blends. They could start very slowly or sluggishly at first, and will rarely impress you that way, but they sure know where they’re headed, and will work consistently and until they get to their final destination despite their slow start.

For a person who combined the hot, quick, active and vibrant traits of the choleric, plus the cool, calm, patient and organized traits of the phlegmatic this person will obviously be balanced in all that he or she does, rarely will they over-do or be too extreme in the way they do things. This blend knows how to regulate their lifestyle, rarely do they overindulge or overwork, but they know how to chart their course and take it one step at a time till they are able to navigate through.

It is unlike their phlegmatic-choleric or phlegchol counterparts, who aren’t very decisive and may not also know when to decide, act or react. They may also be easily discouraged or stopped by circumstances if perhaps they start something or decides to take action. But for a typical cholphleg blend, he has charted his course well enough, he knows where he is going to, and works courageously and consistently until he gets there, despite starting slowly initially.

This is simply because, since choleric is the predominant temperament in a cholphleg, it no doubt helps them to manage or subdue some weaknesses of fear and indecision, and also lack of motivation which are so inherent in a typical phlegmatic. Therefore making cholphleg temperament blend a much more courageous, very decisive and determined personality than their phlegchol counterparts.

Having looked at some of the traits or attributes of typical cholphlegs, and also some of the best careers that no doubt ranks even with their strengths. In today’s post, we want to look at a cholphleg’s sentimental or emotional lifestyle to see which temperaments or temperament blends that will best complement them or be considerably compatible with them in marriage or in dating relationship.

When it comes to marriage or dating relationship or perhaps generally in their emotional and sentimental side of life, a cholphleg is both intentional and sensual, but they’ll be much more intentional than sensual, since their primary temperament is choleric. I describe them as intentional-sensual persons when it comes to their erotic relationships.

They’re intentional in the sense that they’ve got choice of who they want in their life. Unlike the phlegchols, who could easily be ravaged either by at the first meeting by someone’s kind, gentle and nice traits or by their lively and funny lifestyle. While for typical cholphlegs, they know who they want to date or marry and also when to fall in love, and perhaps give their heart ๐Ÿ’“ to whom they love.

They are also very sensual, because they know how to entice and get the attention of who they’re first attracted to. The moment they see who they are so interested in, it is not uncommon for them to begin to show them some signals and signs, and also behave in a particular way that’ll usually suggest to the person that they are interested in them. This is not just peculiar to cholphlegs alone, but their phlegchol counterparts also uses this means to get the attention of someone they’re interested in.

It’s basically for this reason that a lot of cholphlegs end up dating or maybe marrying who they wanted, because they seem to know who or what they want, and they are often diplomatic about getting that which they desire or are very crazy about. Both female and male cholphleg often displays this behavioral pattern when it comes to their sentimental lifestyle like dating or marriage.

They may however not really impress you with their first approach or could appear indifferent and unmotivated at first, but the very moment they see what they want in you, the tendency for them to begin to show some signs of interest in you isn’t uncommon for them. Cholphlegs knows exactly what they want going into a relationship or wanting to tie the knot with whoever they choose, and the person’s lifestyle must align with their philosophy, that slow and steady wins the race.

Just like their cholmel counterparts, a typical cholphleg personality may not hit the ground running from day one when it comes love, or they’re rarely fiery in love with you from the onset of your relationship. Cholphlegs don’t believe in love at first sight, but they always do gradually grow into it until they are fully bonded to you. When once they’re bonded in love, it is very difficult for them to let go or abandon their relationship. Thus, they will do everything possible to protect it.

Behavioral Patterns of Cholphlegs In Their Erotic Relationship And Marriage:

When going into a relationship with a cholphleg, or perhaps contemplating tieing the knot in marriage with them, don’t often expect a lovey-dovey kind of atmosphere or an atmosphere that is always filled with romance and also some expressions and display of love, whether in your private home or in the public.

Although, they are often better off at expressing how much they love you especially in public, to the admiration of everyone around, than doing same in the home. But if maybe he or she has got some pressing needs, such as some work pressures, jobs to be done, or a goals and target to meet, they will rarely give attention to romance, love and fun until they’re able to meet and achieve their target.

Though a moderately balanced person in their lifestyle, and in interpersonal relationships with others, since they combined the calm, cool and meek qualities of a typical phlegmatic, plus the domineering, assertive and also the self-sufficient traits of the typical choleric. They’ll be able to maintain and foster good relationship with the other categories of persons.

However, typical cholphlegs wants to always have the upper hand in their relationship or marriage when it’s got to do with making decisions and also being in control, since choleric is their predominant temperament. But they rarely over-do it, or take advantage of their spouses and heartthrobs unlike their typical cholmel and also cholsan counterparts.

All the choleric temperament blends in which choleric is the predominant temperament are rarely the emotional kind of persons, thus they really don’t pander to sentiments and emotions or attaching some emotional feelings in doing what is right, and needs to be done.

Cholerics are very forthright persons who usually says it as it is, and often wants to do the right thing. However, typical cholphlegs are less forthright and unemotional compared to their cholmel and cholsan counterparts, since they’ve got phlegmatic who is more timid, and emotional towards those they’re attracted to, and also less forthright compared to sanguine and melancholy.

Thus, you may find your cholphleg partner compromise easily because of love, or just to please and make you happy, and to perhaps avoid getting into conflicts with you, despite how stubborn and recalcitrant they may be. Where typical cholmel or cholsan will rarely bulge, and firmly sticking to what they believe is right.

Cholphlegs, both male and female are more domestically inclined more than cholmels and cholsans. They basically know how to balance their work and activities outside the home, and also giving attention to basic needs of their family and heartthrob, which could also include helping them to do some domestic chores despite their busy work day. Next to them in this aspect are the cholmels. It’s basically for this reason that they could easily earn the loyalty and respect of their spouse, for they are complete husband or wife to their spouse, and also parents to their kids.

Cholphleg’s Sexual Behavioral Patterns In Their Marriage or Relationship:

When it comes to fulfilling or meeting their sexual obligation to their spouse or dates, cholphlegs do live a healthy sexual lifestyle, and often has quality sexual moments with their spouses or perhaps their heartthrobs. Cholphlegs are one of the most intentional person when it comes to indulging in sexual intercourse. They would’ve made up their minds about going to bed with before actually engaging in it.

Just like their cholmel counterparts, a cholphleg sexual feelings and appetite is always triggered or turned on when they are happy and excited, having being able to achieve and meet their work goals. Else, it will be so difficult getting typical cholphlegs, cholmels and even their melchol counterparts to jump on any sexual advances and allurements when they aren’t in their best state of mind. However, they are more romantic, sexually responsive to their heartthrobs compared to their cholsan and cholmel counterparts.

Thus, if you really want to get the best sexual moments on ๐Ÿ›๏ธ bed from your cholphleg spouse, you must ensure that they are in their best mood, and are also well favourably disposed to it. Otherwise, you may need to first of all do some morale boosting, and maybe some psychological upliftment and encouragement to uplift their moods and broken spirit. In order to improve your sexual performance as a man, I’ll recommend you to order promescent desensitizing delay spray for men. You can order the product now to enhance your sex life. See some reviews about the product by other users who had bought and used it.

Best Compatible Temperaments For Cholphlegs In Marriage:

Typical Cholphleg husband and sanmel wife:

Having considered some of the traits, attitudes or behavioral patterns of a cholphleg in terms of their emotional and sentimental responses to erotic love affairs and relationships, which temperament or temperament blends do you think will be best compatible with them and complement them in marriage or dating relationship?

When considering the compatibility of different temperament in marriage, the idea isn’t that couples and lovers must be of similar temperaments for the marriage to work, maybe like and dislike the same things, or perhaps behave exactly the same. No, that isn’t the idea. Infact it’s often adviced that people should endeavor to date and marry those who at least their first or primary temperament is somewhat different from theirs.

This basically is to avoid the various weaknesses of a particular primary or predominant temperament to become major source of conflicts in the home and marriage or they perhaps become so much embedded and also glaring in their kids, and to finally engender a mix of different traits and behavioral patterns in the home, and make the home to be more fun, with different individual personality traits to relish, since variety is the spice of life.

Therefore temperament compatibility in marriage simply means knowing or having an understanding of different strengths and weaknesses of the other temperaments, and how the strengths of both of you can cover up for your individual weaknesses. It also means identifying the strengths or positives they’ve got that often attracts you to, and also interests you about them.

So, when we talk about compatibility of temperaments in marriage, we are basically looking at how the attitudes or behavioral patterns of couples will be able to complement each other in their domestic life, private and public life, sexual and emotional responses, and finally in raising their kids.

For a typical cholphleg personality the best temperament blend for marriage, that will be able to complement them in all these areas are either a melsan or a 55:45, 60:40 sanmel personality. A person whose first or predominant temperament is melancholic, while their secondary is sanguine or a 55:45 and 60:40 sanguine and melancholic temperament blend respectively are the best compatible temperament in marriage for a typical cholphleg.

They will not only complement each other in various areas of their marital endeavors, but it will also make their marriage to be livelier and fun-filled because of the presence of a sanguine personality in either of them. Marital relationship between a cholphleg and a melsan or sanmel will sure be a very complementary one, wherein each of the spouses respects one another, and are also often attracted to each other’s strengths and qualities.

The cholphleg spouse is attracted to the melsan’s loyalty and commitment to the well-being of his or her family, while the melsan spouse will also be intrigued by their cholphleg spouse’s hardworking and providential traits, plus their ability to be able to manage or handle difficult situations, and also strike a balance between their career, work or job and their domestic roles and responsibilities among the other qualities which both spouses have got inside them. The presence of sanguine temperament as either the primary or secondary temperament in a melsan or sanmel will also ensure that these two different temperaments marriage will be less boring, but will once in a while be lively and fun.

When it comes to raising their kids, kids raised by a cholphleg and melsan or sanmel parents respectively will be very disciplined, organized and also sociable kids if they were raised by a cholphleg and melsan parents, since the predominant temperament of the parents are choleric and melancholic respectively, and also depending on either of their parents they inherited more genes from. Similarly, if the kids were raised by cholphleg and sanmel parents, they will be first sociable and also outgoing, and a bit organized and disciplined, since their parent’s first or primary temperament is choleric and sanguine respectively.

When it comes to fulfilling their basic marital sexual responsibilities to one another, both cholphleg and melsan or sanmel spouses are also very much complementary to each other in this area, and they also do have a quality sexual moments on bed, particularly when they’re both happy. They could also live very great and healthy sexual lifestyle, if the sanguine aspect of the sanmel or melsan spouse, and maybe the phlegmatic aspect of the cholphleg spouse, will not expose them to some of the factors that often predisposes them to having extramarital affairs. But beyond this, these couples often keeps to themselves, especially when they are satisfied sexually with the sexual responses and behaviours of one another.

Conclusion, like I stated earlier in this post, temperament compatibility in marriage isn’t that couples must be of the same temperament, behave in the same way or perhaps like and dislike the same things. It is basically about knowing what strengths and qualities that often interests you about the next person, in this case, your supposed love or heartthrob, and which often gets you attracted to them. It is also about knowing how your strengths and weaknesses are complementary to one another.

However, any of these four basic temperaments or twelve blends of temperaments could date or marry each other, but the question will be how successful will the marriage be? Or how complementary enough will they be? For a typical cholphleg, they could choose to date or marry any of the twelve blends of temperaments, but I honestly think that among these twelve blends, the two blends that will be compatible with them in their dating or marital relationship, and will also very much complement their strengths and weaknesses, is a melsan or sanmel of 55:45 or 60:40 blend ratio

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