How Phlegmatics Can Be More Courageous And Confident.

There’s no gainsaying the fact that typical phlegmatics are the most fearful, the least courageous and confident of the four basic temperament categories, next to them are their melancholic counterparts. But it is easier for melancholics to overcome fear and be more confident of themselves if they often confront their fears, or has got someone who always motivates them since they already have that innate potential or ability to exude courage and confidence. But for the predominant phlegmatic, it will take an extra effort for them to overcome fear, and become more courageous and confident because they’re unwilling to face or confront their fears.

Phlegmatics are like oysters, who’re overly secured but not creative. Because for one to live creatively, one must stick out their neck to tread on unknown paths. But it’s rare for predominant phlegmatics to stick out their necks and tread on paths that is unknown to them. They like to go through the already known and treaded paths that they’re very familiar with, so they’ll avoid any unforeseen challenges. It’s mainly for this reason that they do live in fear, and allow it to get a better part of them in life. A predominant phlegmatic will rather not go to a place or embark on a task he is not familiar with, because of fear of his safety and security, or because of the challenges he may encounter on his way. It’s a typical phlegmatic parent that’ll discourage their kids from engaging in sports, like playing football, just because they had a very slight dislocation in their ankle or perhaps have seen someone who got their bone fractured while playing football, thus denying them the opportunity of maximizing their talent.

Fear had hindered many phlegmatics from using their God-given talent and potentials to achieve extraordinary things, add value to themselves and to humanity. Similarly, lack of confidence in their ability had also deprived them of so many opportunities they should have taken advantage of, to make huge positive impacts in any society or environment they find themselves. And finally, lack of courage had also obviously stopped so many phlegmatics from going ahead with their dreams, aspirations and goals should they encounter any challenge along the way. Phlegmatics has got lots of talents and potentials, but they’re the least self-motivated people to turn those talents and potentials into reality. And if perhaps they do eventually decide to pursue and actualize their dreams or goals using their talents, fear of confronting any challenge, and also lack of courage could easily make them to abandon it.

It’s mainly for this reason that, apart from achieving success in their career or job at the workplace, and even rise to executive levels, because of their commitment and dedication to their routine responsibilities and roles, predominant phlegmatics rarely achieve personal success without external push or motivation. It’s for this reason that in today’s post, we want to consider how a predominant phlegmatic person could be more courageous, and confident of him or herself, so they’ll be able to maximize their potentials and achieve personal success in life.

3 Ways Predominant Phlegmatics Can Be More Courageous And Confident of Themselves:

1. Through Influence:

We have oftentimes talked about one of the ways anyone could manage or gradually overcome their temperament weaknesses, is through exchange of influence. For the predominant phlegmatic, fear and lack of courage and confidence are some of your natural temperament weaknesses you’ve got to overcome, or at least manage them. And of the best ways you can achieve this is through the influence. You’d agree with me that when we often interact and relate with one another as humans, we whether consciously or unconsciously tend to learn some new habits or new ways of life, while still retaining some of our innate strengths and qualities.

As a predominant phlegmatic, who wants to overcome the weaknesses of fear, lack of courage and confidence, you’d need to be deliberate about interacting and relating more closely with another temperament that has got the direct opposite of all your natural temperament weaknesses. That’s those whose temperament or personality exudes courage and confidence, which is obviously some of the strengths associated with their own predominant temperament. Like we know in electrical science, similar charges repels, while dissimilar charges attracts. In the same way, the temperament weaknesses of two persons who has got the same temperament or personality traits will no doubt often repel them, because no one likes to see their weaknesses in others. While they’re usually attracted to strengths of one another. If persons of the the same temperaments could appreciate and also become attracted to the strengths of each other, how much more those of different temperaments will?

It is basically for this reason that as typical phlegmatic, the best temperament that has got the natural strengths of self-confidence, courage and perhaps fearlessness that you often need to relate with, and make your close acquaintances are the cholerics. A predominant choleric personality has got so much courage and confidence to burn, and he is the direct opposite of you when it’s got to do with displaying the qualities of courage and confidence. Another person that’s close to the cholerics in this regards are the sanguines. The sanguines has got charisma to burn, but the temperament I’d advice you make your close associates as a typical phlegmatic, who desires to conquer the weaknesses of fear, and lack of courage and confidence are the cholerics.

This is because as a phlegmatic, you seem very much attracted to, and admires these qualities of fearlessness, confidence and courage whenever it is displayed by the choleric person, and you often wished you could have these qualities. It’s this passion and desire to be courageous and confident like your choleric counterpart, that’ll make it easy for you to be influenced by them as you make them your close associates, and consistently relate and interact with them. While the choleric person who also admire your sense of decency, organization and calmness could also become more decent in their approach, calm and organized.

Influence is a very powerful tool in human interpersonal relationships. When it comes to managing and overcoming our personal temperament weaknesses, the importance of the exchange of influence cannot be overemphasized. Though not to completely discountenance the possibility of negative influence also, which is mostly common with teenagers and young adults. But as adults, who knows what they want, and what they want to achieve, just as electric current usually flows from the positive terminal, which is the stronger terminal, to the negative terminal, to produce what is electricity. The same way influence will naturally move from the stronger and also more influential temperament to weaker temperament, in terms of traits. But as an adult phlegmatic, you need to be careful in sifting all influences, choose the positive Influences, and discard the negatives that could impact you negatively in life.

2. Learn A Skill:

Learning a skill is another way you could manage and perhaps overcome your basic temperament weaknesses of fear, lack of courage and confidence. It could be a very good defensive skill, for self-defense, or a personal, career, educational training and skills and any kind of skill that could help you to advance your life. Learn something new, or be adept at something worthwhile and meaningful that could add value to the life of people. You could go for training in boxing, karate, martial arts etc, as a form of defensive skill. You could also learn to write a poem, a book or something people will love to read, that could add value to their lives. You could also undergo a course or trainings related to your job or career that further advance you in your career, and also sharpen your skill.

I’ve discovered that one of the main reason why so many persons are fearful, and lacks courage and confidence in their ability, is the feeling of inadequacy. They feel they’ve got nothing to offer, and so nobody really values or cares about them. That feeling alone can kill your self worth and dignity. The only way you could get your self-worth and dignity back is to be seeing to be doing things to contribute meaningfully to your environment, and adds value to the life of people. Subsequently, you will gradually regain your confidence as an introvert and shy phlegmatic.

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3. Confront Your Fears:

Finally, another way you could manage, or to perhaps overcome your temperament weaknesses of fear and lack of courage, is to consistently, and always confront your fears whenever there’s that tendency to run away from it. When you always face your fears, it builds up your confidence, and improves your courage, and you will always be on top of your game. But when you always run away from it, it tends to keep you perpetually in bondage. Thus, if you want to overcome your fears, and be more courageous and confident as typical phlegmatic, you must be deliberate about confronting your fears.

In order to help you to permanently overcome your temperament weaknesses as a phlegmatic, I will like to recommend you order and read the Spirit controlled temperament by Tim Lahaye. This book played a vital role in my life, when I was battling with self-persecution and also low self-esteem, growing up as a very young predominant melancholic.

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