The Four Types of People By Nature! Once upon a time, there lived in a village called global, four types of human being. Their names are; Mr. Smart Sanguine, Mr. Hot Choleric, Mr Perfectionist Melancholy and Mr. Organized Phlegmatic. They’ve lived together for decades, each one of them going about their businesses and personal endeavors. Though their traits and behavioral patterns are different from the other, but rarely do they understand why they act the way they do, and behave differently. They’ve carried on like that for years, until the subject of inherited temperament was introduced by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates.

Mr Sanguine is described as air, because he is very free, lively and could also be ubiquitous. He’s usually the first to talk in a gathering and often exaggerates, but rarely does he work his talk. He’s a talkative, talks more but does very little. Though a very charismatic and free-spirited person, who often tends to lift the spirit of others and make them relish being with him. But his major undoing in life, is often talkativeness and lack of self-discipline.

Mr. Hot Choleric is an anger-prone person. He’s very irascible, aggressive and could be very hostile especially when things does not go his way. He’s a table-pounder, chest beater and door slammer when upset in a gathering. He is work and activity-prone. Very ambitious, egocentric and could run roughshod over anyone who does not seem to agree to what he wants. He’s the most self-sufficient, confident and capable of all the temperaments, and he often thrives on bigness and activity. No one dares stand on his way to achieving his goals. For he could cause pain to others without feeling it. If he is not raised with love and compassion, his milk of human kindness will be almost dried up before he’s 18.

Mr. Perfectionist Melancholy is the most intelligent of the four temperaments. He’s a perfectionist by nature. The most idealistic, analytical and detail-oriented individual. He often thrives on creativity, intuition and brainwork. However, he is easily moody and often suffers depression when things don’t seem to be working out as he expects them to. He’s usually described as the earth because he’s the most accommodating and hospitable individual, who always desires that people around him should feel very comfortable and happy. One problem he often battles with, is low self-esteem. He rarely believes in his capabilities.

Mr. Organized Phlegmatic is usually the most organized and meticulously-patient individual. He often thrives on routines. He is rarely interested in new tasks or maybe something he’s not used to. He is like the oyster, that is overly conscious of its safety and security. Although, he is an introvert like his melancholic counterpart, who likes to keep to himself and mind his business. But he cannot also do without the company of people, especially friends and admirers. Infact, he needs the support and approval of those around him before he could take any decision or do anything, in order to assure himself that he’s doing the right thing. It’s basically for this reason that he’s and indecisive and irresolute personality. One major challenge he has, that always limits him in life, is fear and also lack of courage to face challenges.


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