How To Live With An Unmotivated, Unexcited Phlegmatic Spouse In Marriage.

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Living With An Unmotivated, Unexcited Phlegmatic Spouse In Marriage:

Phlegmatics are usually one of the easiest people to fall in love with, because of their calm, cool, quiet and peaceful nature, that they always do display in course of their relationship with people. Anyone could fall in love easily with a typical phlegmatic, because they usually acts very nicely, kind and gentle. They are rarely confrontational or aggressive. They always know how to maintain and keep their cool even in the most unpleasant situations or experiences, and also fears being involved in conflicts with anyone. However, typical phlegmatic persons has got a dose of weaknesses that are concealed, and are not easily visible on the outside. Only a very close relationship or interactions with them will reveal all their weaknesses. So many persons would have fallen in love with him or her already because of these very admirable qualities which they often do display but will sooner or later begin to feel very bored in erotic or marital relationship with them, when they start observing all his hidden weaknesses.

Some of the major weaknesses that usually affects a predominant phlegmatic’s marital relationship is that, they’re painfully docile unmotivated and unexcited. It gets worse as he gets older, especially if his secondary temperament is melancholic. And if maybe he married a choleric, he will most likely suffer some verbal abuses, because these weaknesses often irritates a predominant choleric, unless he or she understands that they’re part of a typical phlegmatic’s main natural weaknesses. And if perhaps they’re married to a predominantly melancholic, their marriage will no doubt experience some more boring than fun moments since a melancholic is also a moody person. It’s basically for this reason that in today’s post we want to consider how you can live with an unmotivated and unexcited phlegmatic spouse in marriage.

A predominant phlegmatic is the least self- motivated person of the four temperament categories. And lack of self-motivation has no doubt hindered him from getting to the height of success he’s supposed to get to, or perhaps achieving something very big and remarkable in life. Being very comfortable in his comfort zone is not uncommon for him, and he could decide to remain in that zone for as long as he’s comfortable. He’s often the last person to take on a new task or challenge because of the fear of failing.

There’s no other temperament that has got problem with fear more than predominant phlegmatics. A typical phlegmatic wants to know what’s in it for him, everything that’s happening, and what will possibly happen before he can move to unfamiliar places or territories, or perhaps take the decision of taking on a new challenge. It’s basically for this reason that he rarely achieve personal success in life, apart from success in his job or career at the workplace. It’s rare to find an entrepreneur, CEO or business founder who’s a predominant phlegmatic. Though he could nurture businesses and also help business owners or entrepreneurs to build and develop their business, but rarely does he become an entrepreneur, because of the fear of failing, which often kills his passion or self-motivation to even think of taking any step to invest in a business. And even if, maybe he reluctantly decides to initiate a business, some challenges and difficulties he may encounter on the way, could make him to quit easily.

Many phlegmatics rarely make use of their full potentials to get to the height that they are meant to get to in life. And some ends up becoming spectators, and often watch others do, or achieve big and remarkable things that they’ve also got the opportunity to achieve, but failed, because of fear and lack of self-motivation. Thus, to live with your predominant phlegmatic spouse, and help them out of this situation. First of all, I have always advocated for people to marry other temperaments that have got strength and weaknesses that’s a bit different from theirs. No one can give what they do not have. If you’re a predominant phlegmatic married to another phlegmatic, of course there’s no way you can help them conquer or overcome this challenge. To help them manage or overcome this challenge, you must possess the opposite of these natural oddities or their temperament weaknesses, which are courage, self-motivation and decisiveness. Secondly, you must realize that for your typical phlegmatic spouse, fear and lack of self-motivation are some of their major temperament weaknesses. Therefore, you must always endeavor to influence him or her with your own innate temperament strengths and qualities, and always encourage and motivate them to take the right actions at the right time, and avoid procrastination.

Phlegmatics are also the least lively and vivacious persons of the temperaments. Thus, they’re rarely exciting or fun to be with. Don’t expect your typical phlegmatic spouse to be that lively, funny and exciting kind of person whenever you are together. Although, they are fun loving, and always relishes spending good and fun moments with people, especially with their spouses or heartthrobs. But they are rarely the ones to create or initiate the fun, frenzy or lively ambience. This is because a predominant phlegmatic person often loves and enjoys being entertained. He also lacks charisma, creativity or imaginative ability to come up with some fun and exciting ideas that will lively up a conversation. They may also be too shy to get involved in different social activities that could expose them to being lively and conversational. However, they often enjoy spending time with very lively and funny people, who are exciting to be with, and could entertain them with their vivacious lifestyle.

It is basically for this reason that they are easily attracted to a predominant sanguine person. Because the typical sanguine is a people-oriented person, who has got a dose of fun and entertainment to give them. The sanguine uses his liveliness and fascinating storytelling ability to keep a predominant phlegmatic attracted and glued to them. So, in order live very comfortably with your typical phlegmatic spouse, and relish fun and happy moments together. You must be interesting, and find a way to spice up your marriage or love relationship with fun and lively conversations or activities. You could initiate and play some fun games together, go out for shopping together, you may also indulge them in some indoor or outdoor extracurricular activities, or perhaps take them out for some fun date moments. That way, you’d make your marriage with your predominant phlegmatic spouse to be less boring, but more fun and lively.

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