5 Ways Predominant Sanguines Can Overcome Indiscipline And Be More Disciplined & Organized.

Ways A Predominant Sanguines Can Conquer Indiscipline And Become More Organized:

Indiscipline or lack of self-discipline is one of the major, if not number one weakness of the sanguine personality. If you interact or relate a bit closely with a predominant sanguine, it will definitely not take you too long to observe that lack of self-discipline is one of his main natural oddity in life. His overindulgent or enjoying lifestyle are the major culprits of his lack of self-discipline and self-control. The sanguine is overly an enjoying person, who is so much addicted to fun and pleasures, and also the freedom to live his very flamboyant and exuberant lifestyles. Thus, the will to subject himself to either self-made or general rules, or be temperate in denying himself of some few moments of enjoyment, fun or pleasure is almost lacking.

Indiscipline and lack of self-control is no doubt the main undoing of most sanguines in life. It’s more often than not responsible for his inability to meet his set goals, earn the trust and respect of others and achieve personal success or achievements either in his personal endeavors as an individual or his job or career. He may decide to prepare or schedule his personal reading timetable as a student, but fun and pleasurable times and hanging out with friends and admirers will rarely allow him to religiously follow through to his reading timetable. He could also perhaps make a rule in his home, that no one stays late outside beyond 8p.m, but trust that he’ll be the first person to break his own rules. His inadvertent consistency in breaking his rules, often makes his wife and kids, and maybe everyone around him becomes used to his undisciplined lifestyle, and perhaps begins to take him for granted or as an unserious person.

In his personal endeavors, apart from the typical phlegmatic who comes close there’s rarely any other temperament that blusters or brags about starting so many things but completes or achieves any like a sanguine. Unlike his typical phlegmatic counterpart, who may have dreams or the desire to start something, but lacks the courage to start it unless he’s being pushed. But the sanguine may start different things at the same time or take initial steps to achieving his dreams or personal goals but rarely will he commit himself to achieving any of those. Because he often get bored easily doing a particular thing consistently, especially if he does not see or get immediate results or successes. Sometimes, fun and pleasure and perhaps immediate gratification can also make him to mindlessly abandon what he had begun or started, regardless of the amount of time and effort he had put into it. In addition to this, like his phlegmatic counterpart typical sanguine easily surrenders to challenges or hard times. Abandoning his goals, dreams or visions immediately he is confronted by any challenge or difficult situations along the way, is not uncommon for him. It is for these reasons that personal achievements or successes often eludes the predominant sanguine personality.

When it comes to his job or career, unless the job affords him the leverage to meet or interact with different persons where he’ll be able to display his flamboyant, talkative and exuberant traits and lifestyle, no other temperament often changes job more than the predominant sanguine person. It’s very rare to see a typical sanguine put in almost a decade of his life working for a company or an organization, or maybe remain in job role and responsibility that do not give him something new and interesting to relish for all his effort. He often gets very bored with routines that doesn’t allow him the right or privilege to freely express himself as much as he would’ve loved to. Jobs that requires routines, so much seriousness, carefulness, attention-to-details and also self-discipline easily bores him. He is very adventurous, and always enjoys some new and exciting opportunities. Therefore, changing jobs so frequently is not an uncommon thing for him. In all of the idiosyncrasies of a typical sanguine, indiscipline seems to be the bane of his success in life. Since discipline is one of the main ingredients of success, and also a major attributes of successful people. It’s mainly for this reason that we want to look at some of the ways a typical sanguine can overcome lack of self-discipline, become a more resolute and organized person.

5 Major Ways Predominant Sanguines Can Overcome Indiscipline:

1. Through Influence:

I have often made it clear that influence is one of the ways by which we can overcome or at least, manage most of the weaknesses that are inherent in the temperaments we are born with. As a predominant sanguine, you’ve no doubt got some strengths which could be deficient or lacking in the other temperaments, just the same way the other temperaments have also got some qualities and strengths you’re also destitute of. But, our inherited temperament strengths also accompanies with it natural corresponding weaknesses, which we rarely pay attention to or do not want to talk about. But if we’re honest with ourself, we must establish the fact that the first step to self-improvement is to realize that these weaknesses do exist in us and accept the fact that we need to do away with them. And one way we could do away with them or make their impact to be less influential on us, is through exchange of influence of our temperament strengths and qualities. As humans, we’re more often attracted to the strengths and qualities of others, while their weaknesses do irritates us. Thus, it will be much easier for us to be positively influenced by their strengths or qualities rather than their natural oddities and weaknesses.

Therefore, as a predominant sanguine who lacks self-discipline and determination, by interacting and relating more closely with some temperaments that epitomizes these strengths and qualities, you will gradually, and perhaps unknowingly to you, become influenced by these strengths and qualities subsequently. The temperaments that has got the natural strengths of self-discipline, self-control and determination are mainly melancholy and choleric temperaments. Although, these two temperaments has also got some natural weaknesses which could be strengthened or improved by your own natural strengths as a typical sanguine. But when it comes to overcoming, or perhaps managing your weaknesses of indiscipline, lack of self-control and determination they are no doubt the best personalities that you ought to relate more closely with, and also need to have a very good number of them as your close friends and companions.

Though, their weaknesses may bore you at first, but for the basic reason that you love and admire and also feels attracted to their strengths and qualities, that should suffice to keep you interested in them if you are honest and intentional about overcoming your weaknesses. You’ll discover that the more closely you interact and relate with a predominant melancholic personality or someone who has got melancholy-choleric blend, the more their strengths or qualities of self-discipline and self-determination or resoluteness rubs off on you. Thus, you will gradually see those weaknesses associated with your predominant sanguine persona being strengthened and improved, by the perfectionist melancholic’s strengths and qualities, while the melancholic will also benefit from your charisma, optimism and expressiveness. This is basically how back and forth influence of our temperament’s strength do help us ameliorate the negative impacts of our personality weaknesses on us, and also shapes our personality.

2. Learn From Other’s Experiences:

I’ve come to realize that life’s experiences often seems to be the best teacher. But do you have to wait until you experience the negative side of life before you’ll learn? Of course, no. So it is basically for this reason that other’s experiences should be a lesson to us. To either make us to take precautions not to repeat their mistakes, or learn from how they succeeded, and use it to enhance our own pursuit of success. Having some more experienced persons share their life’s experiences with you, either their negative or positive experiences, is one of the best ways you could be more deliberate about managing, and also more knowledgeable about how to overcome or at least manage your temperament weaknesses.

Remember you are not the only sanguine person battling with lack of self-discipline and self determination, all predominant sanguine personalities with at least, up to 60 percent sanguine traits also faces these challenge in life. Some may had probably battled with these weaknesses and maybe were able to manage or overcome it, and consequently are alive to tell their story or share their experiences of how it initially hindered them from making progress in pursuit of their dreams and personal goals, and how they later became successful in life. And others who could not make it in life because of these natural weaknesses, lived to gripe over it, and blamed themself for the rest of their life.

It’s basically for this reason that learning from some of the past experiences of those who had battled with similar challenge or weaknesses of lack of self-discipline and self-determination, perhaps they were also of similar sanguine temperament just like yourself, is one of the most effective way of managing, and subsequently overcoming these weaknesses. You could attend some motivational seminars to listen and learn from some of these life coaches, or buy and read books that were written by them. One of the best books I’ll recommend you order and read to help you conquer indiscipline and be a master of yourself is, going from undisciplined to self-mastery written by Harris Kern. Order the bestseller now in order to conquer this success inhibitor and become a more disciplined and resolute sanguine.

3. Develop Your Secondary Temperament:

Every human being has got more than one temperament. Some could even have more than two, but they’ll usually be in varying degrees or proportions. This is very possible because temperament is an inherited traits which we inherited from our parents and even more from our grandparents as result of their genes that were transferred to us during our conception. Thus, your grandpa and grandma could be, say predominantly sanguine and phlegmatic respectively, thus traits of sanguine and phlegmatic will for sure be transferred to your parents. And if perhaps your grandparents have also got some melancholy and choleric traits which they most likely inherited from their own parents, some of these traits will definitely be passed on to your parents also, perhaps in little amount. Therefore, your parents are very much likely to inherit blends of all these temperaments with either sanguine or phlegmatic as their basic or dominant temperament, depending on which of their parents they took more genes from during their conception.

Now, if your parents are let’s say primarily sanguine and phlegmatic respectively, you are no doubt likely to inherit traits of these temperaments from either of them that has got their genes transferred to you in excess. You could also go way back to inheriting more genes from either your grandma or grandpa, which could have some of their melancholic or choleric traits passed on to you. Whether it is your immediate parents or grandparents you’ve got more of their genes transferred to you, you will no doubt carry traits of their primary temperament, while the others that were transferred to you in lesser amount will certainly be your secondary temperament. It’s basically from this concept that we have the temperament blends and combinations.

Having established the concept of blends of temperaments and how it came about, it is therefore necessary for us to know that our secondary temperament is also as very important as our primary. Thus, we should be very conscious of it, and take it seriously like we’re always conscious of our primary temperament, in order to benefit from its strengths and qualities. Being conscious of our secondary temperament, developing its strengths, and allowing it to also have some positive influence on our attitude like our primary temperament is no doubt one of the ways we can also manage or maybe overcome our weaknesses. You could be a 60 or 70 percent predominantly sanguine, with 40 or 30 percent choleric, phlegmatic or melancholic. That is, you may be either a sanchol, sanphleg or sanmel of 60:40, 70: 30 or even 55:45 blend ratios.

All of these secondary temperaments have got considerable amount of self-discipline and control. Thus, they will once in a while tend to influence your behavioral patterns, what you do, and also how you do things. Yielding more frequently to their positive influences on us, will gradually develop or build up their inherent strengths, and also help to cover up for, or lessen the negative impacts of our predominant temperament weaknesses on us. Therefore as someone who has got sanguine as your predominant temperament, you’ve got to also be aware of or identify your secondary temperament and some of its innate strengths. Then be deliberate about developing it by yielding more often to its influences, this also will help you to manage or possibly overcome weaknesses of lack of self-discipline and control.

4. Have The Right Motivation For Success:

Sometimes not having something that often constantly motivates you to go ahead and pursue your dreams, or strive for success will make you live your life carelessly like someone without a direction in life. It’s not until you begin to stand up for something, you will definitely fall for everything that comes your way. Most sanguines often live their lives without a direction. They rarely have focus or the right motivation for the goals and dreams they want to achieve in life. Living for the present isn’t uncommon for them. Therefore, the will to regulate or moderate their overindulgent lifestyle is basically lacking, since they’ve got nothing to protect, stand up for, or worry themself about. It’s mainly for this reason that they could afford to live their lives without any form of self-discipline and restraint. But if you want to overcome or at least manage your undisciplined weakness as a typical sanguine, you must be deliberate about having the right passion and motivation for your personal success and always work towards the actualization of your dreams.

5. Indulge Yourself More In Productive Ventures:

There’s more to life than just living very flamboyantly in merriment, enjoyment, fun and pleasures. And typical sanguines needs to realize this if they want to achieve personal success in life, or accomplish very remarkable things. Even God did not plan that man should live all his life in idleness and merriment. No wonder he gave Adam some work to do in the garden even before the fall. And there’s certainly no time for fun and enjoyment when you’re working. Thus, as a predominant sanguine, much as you would want to indulge yourself in fun and some pleasurable moments, but you must also ensure that you’re not doing that at the expense of being productive.

Therefore, you’ve got to engage yourself, and spend very considerable amount of your time in some profitable or productive ventures that’ll add value to not just your life, but also to the lives of others around you. Rather than just being out there with friends and admirers to bluster, giggle and always exhibit your exuberant lifestyles, you could decide for instance, to use your natural charisma, liveliness, congenial and people-oriented qualities plus storytelling ability to market or sell products, organize, and set up a comedy clubhouse for shows and entertainments, or maybe get yourself involved in some social service works like rehabilitating people, turning them from very depressed, to very hopeful and lively human beings. These are some of the areas you can deploy your strengths as a typical sanguine, and become more productive in life. You will gradually become a more self- disciplined and organized sanguine when you consistently indulge yourself in more productive and profitable ventures in life.

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