Which Temperament Should A Predominant Sanguine Personality Marry?

Who Should A Predominant Sanguine Personality Marry?

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Asides succeeding in college by working his way through, and perhaps achieving success in his job or professional life if it’s people-oriented enough, one key area that most predominant sanguines, particularly sanguine husbands and fathers, often fails or has got a higher risk of failing, is usually in marriage and family life. For they’ve got more weaknesses than strengths that often negatively impact their erotic relationship like marriage, and have their sweethearts and heartthrobs often lament or complain about their insensitive and irresponsible attitudes. Only a Spirit-filled predominant sanguine or a 60:40 or 55:45 blend ratio of the sanguine temperament will have less marital issues, and challenge in parenting or child training. But a typical sanguine of almost 70 to 80 percent sanguine traits will rarely have more seamless or less troubled marriage and family life. And unless they married a complementary spouse who will complement them, and make up for their weaknesses, or perhaps a more influential heartthrob that could be able to influence them positively with their temperament strengths and qualities, a predominant or typical sanguine person’s marriage is often the most threatened by marital divorce or total collapse.

For, asides making his home to be fun and lively with his talkative, flamboyant and expressive lifestyle, plus his fascinating storytelling ability if he does not allow his emotions to get a better part of him, typical sanguine no doubt has got more inherent weaknesses and oddities that do negatively affects his marital life, just like they also do affects other areas of his life. Some of these major weaknesses that usually affects the predominant sanguine’s married life, child training and their parenting capability are; inadvertently denying their spouse their attention and commitment, insensitivity to the basic needs of their family, lack of self- discipline and control, dishonesty, financial indiscipline and extravagancy and biggest of them all is infidelity, which consequently leads to suspicions. I’d like to recommend going from undisciplined to self-mastery by Harris Kern to enable you conquer lack of self-discipline as a typical sanguine.

Friends also do play major roles in what becomes of typical sanguine’s marital and family life. For they more often than not love listening and pandering to opinions of their friends about their marriage. Infact, asides phlegmatics who comes close, there is rarely any other temperament that have got their marriage ruined by friends than a predominant sanguine. And if perhaps all their weaknesses and oddities are not well or adequately managed or controlled, and also have them subsequently fizzled out, the tendency towards marital divorce or separation will be palpable. It is basically for this reason that in today’s post we want to consider the best temperament or blend of temperaments that’ll be complementary to, or influential enough to help the typical sanguine personality manage, and possibly overcome some of their major weaknesses subsequently, so they will have a successful marital journey. But first off, let’s consider some likely outcome of maritalrelationship between a sanguine personality and other temperaments.

Marital Relationship Between Sanguine And Choleric Spouses:

This is a marriage between two extroverts and outgoing personalities. But while the choleric is outgoing to work, meet the basic needs of his family, achieve his or her goals and be financially independent. Rarely do they have time for fun and pleasure unless they’ve achieved their goals and met their targets. The typical sanguine on the other hand could spend better part of his or her time having fun and indulging in pleasure with friends, colleagues and admirers. This marriage will be very tumultuous because both sanguine and choleric personalities are anger-prone, especially when their ego gets a better part of them or their feelings and emotions is undermined. Apart from a marriage between predominant sanguine and melancholy that comes close, no other marriage witnesses more tempestuous and volcano-like marital conflicts, and divorce more than the one between a predominant sanguine and choleric spouses. These two personalities have many other weaknesses that often irritates them about each other than strengths that attracts them towards one another, asides their anger. The typical sanguine, although not a quick-tempered person, but he usually erupts in very quick and explosive outburst when his emotions and ego is undermined. While the typical choleric who’s quick-tempered, aggressive and a more intensely angry person will not hesitate to become verbally and sometimes physically abusive, should the conflict or crisis, confrontations and disagreements lasts longer.

These two personalities often acts, reacts and responds to issues according to how their feelings and emotions, rather than reasoning directs. Hence their very quick and explosive angry outburst. These are the two temperaments that their strengths seems not to be sufficient enough to attract them to each other. Because for the typical sanguine, his oddities and weaknesses of indiscipline, talkativeness, exaggeration, lack of composure and organization in the public, and less domestical savviness, far outweighs his strengths and qualities that should make a predominant choleric feel so attracted to him, respect and appreciate him. While for a predominant choleric, his domineering, insensitive, unemotional and high-handed attitude will often irritate his sanguine spouse to the point of loosing all love and natural affection for them. When angry, the choleric spouse will not hesitate to yell at, and be often verbally abusive of their sanguine spouse to the point that they will begin to feel so uncomfortable staying or living together. But if these spouses can understand themselves, be very willing to tolerate each other, and allow their natural strengths and qualities to holdsway in their marriage, they’ll make better couples. For the sanguine has got the ability to make the marriage more fun, lively and romantic, while the choleric spouse has the ability to bring stability leadership, productivity and self-sufficiency into the marriage. They will also be able to raise courageous, vibrant, smart and self-sufficient kids together.

Marital Relationship Between Sanguine And Melancholy:

This is a marriage between two opposite temperaments, wherein a sanguine is an extrovert, outgoing and very expressive. While a melancholy is an introvert, very reserved and less outgoing. Basically, these two personalities are supposed to be much attracted to each other, because they’ve got strengths and qualities that they admire in one another. But it seems to me that even though they do admire and complements one another’s strengths and qualities, but they often finds it very hard living together or succeeding in marriage because they’ve got certain weaknesses that often do easily repels them in each other, which especially the melancholic person is very intolerant about. Apart from the charismatic, happy, warm and also very lively disposition and attitude the typical melancholy finds very attractive and interesting in predominant sanguine, but he or she is often very deeply vexed and irritated by a typical sanguine’s weaknesses of lack of self-discipline or self control, talkativeness, especially in public, lack of comportment and self-organization in public places, and also being very poor in doing domestic chores and activities. A perfectionist melancholy personality will rarely hesitate to nag, and also sometimes becomes verbally abusive of the sanguine spouse when they display these oddities. This is often to the point that the sanguine spouse will begin to loose their dignity, and feel that they can’t match their melancholy spouse’s high standards.

Similarly, eventhough a sanguine spouse also admires and appreciates his or her predominant melancholy spouse’s quiet, peaceful and organized lifestyle, plus their intelligence, self-discipline, commitment to the well-being of their family and loyalty to their spouse. But a predominant sanguine spouse is also often very irritated by their typical melancholy spouse’s nagging and complaining attitude, moodiness, selfish or self-centered attitude, hard to satisfy traits and behaviours, criticisms, and also their perfectionist tendencies, which are some of the predominant melancholy’s personal oddities or temperament weaknesses. Even though a sanguine could condone, manage and overlook some of these weaknesses, because they seem to be more appreciative of, and also attracted to their melancholy spouse’s strengths and qualities more than they’re repelled by their weaknesses.

Buy they don’t also hesitate to fire back at their melancholy spouse if they become so much overbearing nagging or complaining about their weaknesses. These couples will enjoy their marriage, if they will be more understanding and tolerant of each other’s weaknesses, and also respect and protect each other’s interests. While the sanguine spouse should realize that their marriage and family ought to come first, and also be number one in his priority list before his friends, family or any other person outside their home. Similarly, the predominantly melancholy spouse should also not allow their perfectionism to overburden their marriage. If both sanguine and melancholy couples can lively happily together, they’ll raise very smart, social, lovable, intelligent and self-disciplined kids. As a melancholy, I’ll recommend you order and read books like overcoming perfectionism, anxiety and indecision written by CROSS BORDER BOOKS to help you manage perfectionism.

Marital Relationship Between Sanguine And Phlegmatic:

This is a marital relationship between a highly extroverted sanguine and a highly introverted phlegmatic personalities. This marriage, like a sanguine and melancholy marriage is supposed to be one of the best, because a predominant phlegmatic is very peaceful rarely confrontational, composed, calm and organized. While the sanguine is charismatic, warm, lively, playful and also fun loving. Which are qualities that often attracts their phlegmatic spouse to them. However, in this marriage, some oddities and weaknesses of the sanguine is usually what mainly causes marital conflicts and disagreements, intrigues and suspicions. And if the issues persists unabated or not well managed, it could lead the phlegmatic spouse, particularly the female phlegmatic into having extramarital affairs which may consequently lead to marital separation. It is one of those marriages where the smart sanguine usually takes advantage of their predominant phlegmatic’s calm and quiet nature, plus their very simple and peaceful disposition.

Unlike their melancholy counterparts, a predominant phlegmatic wife will rarely complain, nag or be confrontational about their sanguine spouse’s very unpleasant or negative attitudes eventhough they’re very displeased with them. But they rather often prefer to bear it in their mind, and become very resentful about it, and consequently put up a negative attitude towards them. The main sanguine’s weakness or negative attitude that always irritates their typical phlegmatic spouse in marriage, is lack of attention and commitment to them, plus their dishonest lifestyle. A typical sanguine could leave his home in the morning, just to hangout with his friends and admirers, and come back very late in the night. This often makes their phlegmatic spouse feel so lonely and bored at home since she’s got no one else to talk to or with. A sanguine’s dishonest lifestyle is also another thing that often wearies their phlegmatic spouse in marriage. He’s a very smart person, who does know how to divert attention, or try to change the topic when their phlegmatic spouse is almost at the verge of catching them in the act, or finding out the truth. If the sanguine often gets away with his acts of wrongdoing he considers it as smartness and thus, will rarely change from it. And if he persists in his negative attitudes of lack of attention and commitment to his wife and family, plus his dishonest attitude. This consequently irritates his phlegmatic wife, and makes her susceptible to indulging in extramarital affairs.

A typical phlegmatic spouse wants a dose of care and attention and being committed to in marriage by their spouse. If this want or desire cannot be fulfilled, then be sure that your marriage is at the verge of being ruined. The phlegmatic has a very soft and flexible mind. If peradventure someone else is always around to show them that enormous care, attention and commitment then you can be sure that their ❤️ heart is already divided. It will only take a matter of time for them to be very much in love with the person, or perhaps remain in the marriage while indulging in extramarital affairs with the person. This is because, the typical phlegmatic does not have the nerve and courage to resist or say no to those that had shown them enormous care, attention and commitment should they be interested in having intercourse with them. It is for this reason that, as predominant sanguine married to a predominant phlegmatic, you must always show your phlegmatic spouse enough attention, care and commitment in order to keep them bonded to you. As a sanguine, you’ve no doubt got some of the basic qualities and strengths that always attracts a phlegmatic personality to you, but you must endeavor to see that some of the weaknesses of dishonesty and lack of attention and commitment in marriage are dealt with, so you can relish your marital life with them.

Which Temperament Should A Typical Sanguine Personality Marry?

In answering this question, or in giving my honest answer to this question, I’d like us all to see marital success as not just success in marrying who we love, or we are much more emotionally attached or attracted to. It should also involve success in raising our kids to be responsible, responsive and also being very disciplined. If marital success is basically all-round success, not just success in marrying our better half, but includes success in both our private and public life, and also in raising disciplined, responsible and responsive kids. Then a predominant sanguine personality of say, about 70 to 80 percent sanguine traits ought to consider marrying a more disciplined, responsible, productive and domestically savvy person, or maybe someone who has got strengths or qualities that are markedly opposite of his personal oddities and weaknesses and also influential enough to make them to be able to manage or possibly overcome their weaknesses. For a predominant sanguine person, the temperament I’d recommend for him to marry is someone who has got at least, a blend of two temperaments. One is predominant and more influential, and the other less influential. I will recommend a 60:40 or 55:45 phlegmatic-choleric blends or melancholy-phlegmatic temperament or personality blends.

Barring any other external influence, a well trained and cultured phlegchol and also melphleg personality blends, will no doubt adequately complement the typical sanguine personality in marriage, or make up for some of their personal weaknesses. They could also be influential enough to make a predominant sanguine change or at least, adjust and improve their lifestyle. A predominant sanguine getting married to a phlegchol or melphleg temperament blends, will enable them to be a bit more successful in their marital life, and maybe better manage or possibly overcome their weaknesses. For both the phlegchol and melphleg blends will bring stability in the marriage, discipline, organization, good finance management skills, commitment and domestic savviness into the marriage. While typical sanguine, will make his or her liveliness, charisma, warmth, romance, fun loving and expressive lifestyle come to bare in the marriage. But the predominant sanguine spouse must always realize that their marriage, home and family is priority on the list, and also their fortress thus, they must do all they can to protect it.

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