Vocational Possibilities Of Predominant Melancholic Personalities.

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What Are Some Of The Vocational Capabilities Of A Typical Melancholy Personalities?

Melancholies have got high IQ, creative, imaginative, and analytical strengths or qualities. And this is basically the reason why they easily succeed in jobs or careers that have got to do with tasking their brain. They are self-sacrificing, enterprising and humanitarian personalities. Therefore, any vocation that require perfection, creativity, self-sacrifice or service to humanity is very open to them, because they rank even with their temperament strengths and qualities. It is for this reason that in today’s post we want to consider some of the vocations that they could venture into, and use their gifts, talents and skills to positively impact and benefit humanity.

A vocation is your calling. It is what you were created to do in life. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve got a degree in it, or you learned and acquired the skill. It could be a gift or talent that you need to develop by practice until you become very perfect in it. It’s something you don’t struggle to do perfectly, and you could get inspirations or become more creative about it, the more you engage in it. So, let us consider some of the vocational possibilities of predominant melancholy personalities.

1. Arts and Crafts Making:

Although, a lot of melancholies don’t really consider art and craft making as one of the profitable vocations that they can venture into and make a living out of it. But there’s no other temperament that has got creative ability and accuracy to succeed in vocation of arts and crafts making more than typical melancholies. Candle making, cake making sewing, weaving, baking and many others, are some of the creative arts and crafts you can turn into a vocation as a predominant melancholy, and make a living out of them. Arts and crafts making requires creativity and perfectionism to produce or make the best products. There’s basically none other temperament that has got a creative mind and perfectionism more than predominant melancholy to go into this vocation. You do not need to acquire a degree to go into arts and crafts making. You’ve just got to learn and acquire the skill, if you don’t already have it, and perfect yourself in it through practice.

2. Song Writing, Music Composer, And Performing Music Artist:

There’s no other temperament that’s better gifted or talented with the gift of creatively writing or composing a song or music more than a predominant melancholy. When it also comes to singing and performing his own song, a predominant melancholy will no doubt sing and perform it with all his energy, passion and enthusiasm from his heart to the admiration of his audience and which could make them have goosebumps on their skin. He sings from his heart, and also feels his own song. This is unlike his typical sanguine and choleric counterpart, who could sing their own songs without necessarily feeling it. It’s basically for this reason that any predominant melancholy who decides to go into the music industry, writes and composes his own songs, often outperforms and also stays longer in the industry than the other temperaments. You can order and read the art of songwriting to enable you improve your songwriting skills.

3. Stage Acting:

Although a shy introvert, who’s more often drawn inwards and does not like to be in the public eye, but loves behind the scene roles. But stage acting is one vocation that predominant melancholies seems to be so much attracted to, and they often do very well in it. This is basically because they’ve got the intelligence and creativity to easily interprete any role given to them, and act it perfectly on stage. While they’re on the stage, melancholies seems to be another person, and act as if they were extroverts, but immediately they get off the stage, they quickly revert back to their introvert state. You can order the business of acting to discover how to make a living from acting.

4. Playwright And Authorship:

This is another vocation you could decide to go into as a predominant melancholy. No other temperament has got the creativity to write, produce or direct a play, or perhaps become an author of high repute of both fictional and nonfictional books if they’ve got their creative and imaginative minds well developed, more than a predominant melancholy personality.

5. Teaching/Education:

Most predominant melancholies are rarely attracted to the profession of a classroom teacher, because they are as not as people- oriented as their predominant phlegmatic and sanguine counterparts. However, the predominant melancholy personality often makes a very good teacher, because they love to teach and impart knowledge, and they’ve also got more than enough in their heads to teach others. It’s the predominant melancholy teacher that’s very passionate about ensuring that his or her students or pupils understands what they’re teaching them. Thus, they could use different types of illustrations and analysis to make sure they learn and understand. However they are often easily frustrated or disappointed when it seems that they aren’t making any headway. But a melancholy-sanguine or melancholy-phlegmatic blends will usually make better teachers than a melancholy- choleric blend.

6. Philosophy:

As much as melancholies are idealistic by nature, they’re also realist, who often loves to use logical, critical and also analytical thinking or reasoning to discover the truth about life. They often hold on to some basic truths and facts about the simplistic ways humans ought to live their lives which may have all been possibly eroded because of societal norms or practice. And they often try to conscientize and also make everyone believe in their own philosophy about life. A predominant melancholy believes in the simplicity of life, and they are realist when it comes to this. It’s basically for this reason that they often do very well in philosophy as a vocation.

7. Theoreticians:

Predominant melancholies are very good theoreticians. And this is the reason why they’re better in theoretical than practical subjects. They are gifted with the creative, imaginative and analytical ability to come up with, or propound universal theories that could pass experimental or practical tests when subjected.

8. Science And Inventions:

Name any great scientist or inventor that has ever lived in the world, or living in our contemporary times. I can for a certainty tell you that they must be predominantly melancholy. Because, it could only take a predominant melancholic’s imaginative, innovative, creative and analytical mind to be able to carry out research, and come up with new inventions. It’s basically for this reason that they often enjoy very quiet and private life, where they could conceive and imagine things. Predominant melancholies makes very great scientist and inventors, and they usually succeed in this vocation, if only they could develop their minds to think.

9. Theology:

The fact that a predominant melancholy has got a mind for God, thus they always want to know more about him and all his principles, dictates and workings as they’re contained in the Bible. This usually makes them want to know different chapters and verses of Bible and also have them in their heads. And there’s no other temperament that has got that consciousness of God in them, and in all that they do, and always tries to live by His principles, more than a predominant melancholy. It’s mainly for this reason that they often love to go into the vocation of theology, and become great theologians.

10. Bible Teaching & Prophecy:

There’s rarely any other temperament that has got a calling for teaching and analysing the Bible more than a typical melancholy personality. Naturally, they’re gifted with the gift of teaching and breaking down the Bible into very simple and understandable form. But when filled with the Holy Spirit, they teach and analyze It with inspiration and conviction of Holy Spirit backing them up. The gift of prophecy is also one of the seven gifts for service to God that a typical melancholy is blessed with. God has used more melancholies as prophets in the Bible more than any other temperament. This is because a predominant melancholy person is a natural perfectionist, loyal and faithful person. He doesn’t want to fall short of any thing perfect, or be found wanting when rendering service to God and humanity. A prophet is the mouthpiece of God, who says exactly what He says, and he’s never afraid of declaring the mind and the will of God to anyone. You can always count on typical melancholic person to speak exactly the mind of God when he’s filled with the Holy Spirit.

11. Skilled Vocation or Crafts:

So many predominant melancholies often becomes craftsmen of high reputation and excellence. Craftsmanship requires a high level of accuracy and perfection to excel in it. Other temperaments such as a sanguine or choleric may enter into the profession, but since they are not perfectionist-prone, rarely thorough persons who often strives for accuracy and perfection, they’ll be less successful in it. Melancholies could become finish Carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, auto-mechanics, technicians, technologists, engineers and almost any profession or vocation that provides meaningful service to humanity.

12. Humanitarian Vocations:

Predominant melancholies are very humanitarian by nature, eventhough they rarely look it in their appearance. But they are the most hospitable or accommodating of the four temperaments. They often like to make everyone around them, or under their care to feel very good, comfortable and relaxed. It’s basically for this reason that they often succeeds in humanitarian careers or vocations. They could become doctors, surgeon, nurses, dentist, midwives and social health workers, and any other vocation that’s always passionate about the well-being of people. Apart from a typical phlegmatic who comes close, almost all the doctors i’ve met are melancholies, or must at least have melancholy as a secondary temperament. For a doctor must certainly be a perfectionist, an analytical specialist, and a humanitarian propelled by a heart willing to help others feel better.

13. Human Right Lawyer/Attorneys:

The conscientious nature of melancholies, combined with their analytical and detail oriented qualities enables them to easily succeed in the law profession, especially as human right lawyers. Their conscientious nature often propels them to defend the rights of the defenseless. He’s that lawyer in the courtroom that combines adeptness in the law, with logic, facts and details of the law to convince the judge, and defend the rights of their clients. Some melancholy particularly those that have got choleric as their secondary temperament, also chooses to become human right advocate or activist to defend the rights of others. And they’re ready to sacrifice their freedom to achieve that.

14. Small Scale Manufacturing, Production And Packaging:

Melancholies are very enterprising people, who often sees a need and also have desire or passion to fill it. They could identify the need for production of more products, that may be lacking or inadequate. Apart from a predominant choleric who comes close, no other temperament is as enterprising as a predominant melancholy, and also loves to develop or produce their own products, package and brand it. Manufacturing and production of products from scratch is one vocation or profession that often attracts so many predominant melancholies, because they’ve got an entrepreneurial mentality like their choleric counterparts. Going into this vocation requires perfection, accuracy and creativity, and the analytical mind to mix the raw materials in the right quantity or proportion to produce the best quality products that consumers will like. Some of the products you could consider producing on a small scale level as a melancholy are, 🧼 soap and detergent production and packaging, coconut oil production, tissue paper production, pulp and paper making, and any other product that has very high consumption rate. I will like to recommend the book manufacturing mastery written by Rebecca Morgan to enable you upscale your manufacturing skills.

15. Any Service Business:

Service business is where a predominant melancholy’s strength lies in. For they’re always very passionate about making their clients feel very satisfied with their service. It’s basically for this reason that they often excel in any business that offers service to people. Melancholies usually feels happy, fulfilled and satisfied to know that their clients appreciates, and feels very satisfied with their service. Nothing drives a typical melancholy’s passion to improve or maybe do more other than the feeling that they’ve met or fulfilled someone’s need or meet the expectations of their clients. You can check out some of these service business that rank even with your temperament strengths as a predominant melancholy.

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  1. Hello, jwillems.

    I just read your article on sanguine types, then posted a comment suggesting you should certainly use the services of an experienced copy editor (human being, not software) before publishing.

    After reading this second article written by you, I repeat my strong suggestion for you to use an outside copy editor before publishing.

    English grammar aside, when I decided to read another of your articles,
    I chose the melancholic temperment because I believe that temperament might be the dominating temperament in my personality.

    Wow, I can not believe I just used the word “temperment” three times in one sentence. I need to use a thesaurus more often !

    If your temperament descriptions are accurate and recognizing people are probably a mixture of several types – I think melancholic is the dominating type in my personality.

    As before, your article was very informative but I struggled through the numerous grammatical issues.
    I’ll stop before this horse dies from my assault.

    Best wishes to you in all of your efforts,


  2. Hello!
    What type of resources were used in the composition of these articles?
    Other written sources, any professional training or certification used?
    Or was this all based upon – personal experience and detailed observation motivated by topic interest/passion?
    I did not see any psychological studies or survey results named?
    I did see the engineering degrees mentioned.
    If you want to respond, please use email address provided.
    Thank you for your creative expression…st

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  3. Hello Steve, thanks for your question. If you’re used to the four basic temperament types that all human beings responds to their influence, perhaps unknowingly. You’d understand that they’ve got various strengths and weaknesses. It’s basically these strengths that makes certain persons to be very successful in certain careers or vocations without much struggle, while others may struggle and find it very difficult to succeed in the same career. Basically, my detailed knowledge of the four temperament types, combined with personal experience plus observation often inspires me to write on this subject.



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