How Melancholies Can Overcome Worry And Anxiety.

How Predominant Melancholies Can Conquer Or Manage Worry And Anxiety: Apart from the phlegmatics who comes a little bit close, especially when they are faced or confronted with new challenges, and also when they are given a relatively new task to accomplish or perhaps made to embark, and go on a journey to unfamiliar territories.... Continue Reading →

Vocational Possibilities Of Predominant Melancholic Personalities.

Register a SNAP EBT card What Are Some Of The Vocational Capabilities Of A Typical Melancholy Personalities? Melancholies have got high IQ, creative, imaginative, and analytical strengths or qualities. And this is basically the reason why they easily succeed in jobs or careers that have got to do with tasking their brain. They are self-sacrificing,... Continue Reading →

Which Temperament Should A Predominant Sanguine Personality Marry?

Who Should A Predominant Sanguine Personality Marry? Create an Amazon Wedding Registry Asides succeeding in college by working his way through, and perhaps achieving success in his job or professional life if it's people-oriented enough, one key area that most predominant sanguines, particularly sanguine husbands and fathers, often fails or has got a higher risk... Continue Reading →

5 Ways Predominant Sanguines Can Overcome Indiscipline And Be More Disciplined & Organized.

Ways A Predominant Sanguines Can Conquer Indiscipline And Become More Organized: Indiscipline or lack of self-discipline is one of the major, if not number one weakness of the sanguine personality. If you interact or relate a bit closely with a predominant sanguine, it will definitely not take you too long to observe that lack of... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Tech-base Career Skills For Predominant Melancholics And Cholerics.

Top Tech-base Skills For Predominant Melancholics And Cholerics: Today, we shall be considering some of the top trending skills in the tech sector that a typical melancholic and choleric, plus their blends are very qualified and suitable for. These skills were selected based on the fact that they matched predominant choleric's temperament strengths and qualities... Continue Reading →

How To Live With An Unmotivated, Unexcited Phlegmatic Spouse In Marriage.

Register a SNAP EBT card Living With An Unmotivated, Unexcited Phlegmatic Spouse In Marriage: Phlegmatics are usually one of the easiest people to fall in love with, because of their calm, cool, quiet and peaceful nature, that they always do display in course of their relationship with people. Anyone could fall in love easily with... Continue Reading →

How To Improve Your Interpersonal Relationship With Different Temperaments:

Improving Your Interpersonal Relationship With Different Temperaments: Human interpersonal relationship has lately become fraught with so many crisis, conflicts and controversies, as a result of differences in our reasoning, behavioral patterns, attitudes, understanding of issues and how we act and react to issues. Suffice to say that all of these differences are very much embedded... Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Find The Right Career That Matches Your Temperament.

Finding The Right Career That Suits Your Temperament: It's bad enough to be without a job because apart from being financially bankrupt, you also lack the opportunity to be productive or work productively. But even worse than being without a job, is to find oneself in a job that makes one unproductive, which leaves us... Continue Reading →

The Four Types of People By Nature! Once upon a time, there lived in a village called global, four types of human being. Their names are; Mr. Smart Sanguine, Mr. Hot Choleric, Mr Perfectionist Melancholy and Mr. Organized Phlegmatic. They’ve lived together for decades, each one of them going about their businesses and personal endeavors. Though their traits and behavioral patterns are different from the other, but rarely do they understand why they act the way they do, and behave differently. They’ve carried on like that for years, until the subject of inherited temperament was introduced by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates.

Mr Sanguine is described as air, because he is very free, lively and could also be ubiquitous. He's usually the first to talk in a gathering and often exaggerates, but rarely does he work his talk. He's a talkative, talks more but does very little. Though a very charismatic and free-spirited person, who often tends... Continue Reading →

Which Temperament Should A Predominant Phlegmatic Marry?

Phlegmatics are the calmest and coolest of the four basic temperaments. They're also the most outwardly simple, naive and also innocent looking persons of the four types of temperaments. Although they are often considered to be introverts, who loves to keep to themselve and mind their business, just like their melancholic counterparts. But unlike their... Continue Reading →

How Phlegmatics Can Be More Courageous And Confident.

There's no gainsaying the fact that typical phlegmatics are the most fearful, the least courageous and confident of the four basic temperament categories, next to them are their melancholic counterparts. But it is easier for melancholics to overcome fear and be more confident of themselves if they often confront their fears, or has got someone... Continue Reading →

7 Major Causes of Depression For Melancholics In Marriage and How To Avoid It.

Major Factors That Makes A Predominant Melancholic Feel Depressed In Marriage: One of the four basic temperaments that easily feels depressed or that frequently relapses into a state of depression, are the melancholics. The typical melancholic's mood swings fluctuates intermittently, and often operates between an ecstatic high, and a depressed low moods. This minute, their... Continue Reading →

10 Best Careers For A Phlegmatic-Sanguine Blend of Temperament.

Careers Best For A Phlegsan Blend Of Temperament: Create Amazon Business Account In today's post, we shall continue with our series of considering the twelve blends of temperaments, and the careers they will be best suitable for. Thus, we shall be looking at the phlegmatic-sanguine or the phlegsan temperament blend, and also some of the... Continue Reading →

10 Best High-Paying Digital Careers For Predominant Cholerics And Blends.

Best High-Paying Careers In Tech For Cholerics And Blends: In my earlier post, I did list some of the highest paying careers in the tech sector, otherwise known as the digital careers that predominant melancholy and blends of it, are best suited for, in this technologically- driven world. These careers were chosen basically because they... Continue Reading →

Which Temperament Should A Predominant Melancholic Marry?

Best Compatible Temperament For A Predominant Melancholic Personality: As a result of so many inquiries I often do see online by lots of persons as it relates to temperament compatibility in marriage. I have decided to revisit this topic from a much specific and precise perspective in order to be able to give my sincere... Continue Reading →

12 Major Signs You Married A Predominant Choleric Personality.

Signs You Married A Predominant Choleric, and How You Can Succeed With Them In Marriage: A lot of persons often wonders why their partner acts or behaves the way they do, and why they aren't like the other person who they quite admire, and perhaps fancy their behavioral patterns. It is important you know that... Continue Reading →

Predominantly Choleric And Phlegmatic Temperaments Marriage.

Typical choleric husband and phlegmatic wife: Marital Relationship Between Predominant Choleric And Phlegmatic Couples: This is a marriage between a highly influential, domineering and assertive spouse and a calm, quiet and yielding spouse. What does this kind of marital relationship portend for both spouses, it is basically what we are going to be looking at... Continue Reading →

Choleric-phlegmatic Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Which Temperaments Are Best Compatible With a Cholphleg Blend of Temperament? Create an Amazon Wedding Registry Just like we clearly pointed out in our previous post that the cholphleg blend of temperament seems to be the most balanced persons in their personality traits and lifestyle. Although they are the weakest of the choleric blends in... Continue Reading →

Best Careers For Choleric- Phlegmatic Temperament Blends

Which Careers Are Perfect For Cholphleg Temperament Blends: Today, we want to continue with our series of considering the twelve blend of temperaments after a long while. It is very important that we go back to looking at these temperament blends and try to connect each of them with careers suitable for them, which type... Continue Reading →

How To Earn A Choleric Woman’s Loyalty And Respect.

Tips To Making A Domineering And Independent Choleric Woman Respect And Adore You: Some of the major attributes or traits of predominant cholerics is that they are very domineering, influential plus self-sufficient. Both male and female cholerics possesses this natural traits, and ability to make anyone pander or succumb to what they want or desire.... Continue Reading →

How To Succeed In Leadership As A Melancholy.

Steps To Succeeding In Leadership As A Melancholic Leader: Leadership in recent times has for a fact become the bane of the numerous problems and challenges the world is presently confronted with. Naturally, man was gifted with everything it will take him to rule and govern himself by God, but rarely has he been able... Continue Reading →

How To Date A Predominant Melancholic Personality.

Tips To Dating A Typical Melancholic Personality: Create an Amazon Wedding Registry As a result of the numerous inquiries and emails i often get about how to have and build a successful dating relationship with a predominant melancholic person. Today, i want to share with you some basic tips and guidelines to having a happy... Continue Reading →

10 Best High-paying Digital Career Opportunities For Predominant Melancholics and Blends.

High-Paying Digital Career Opportunities For Predominant Melancholics and Its Blends. In these days of technological innovations and advancements, where a lot of jobs have been automated out of existence. It's important we not only focus all attention on getting the traditional analog jobs which may be non-existent, but to also consider acquiring some digital skills... Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Sanguine Personality.

Major Pros and Cons of Marrying a Typical Sanguine Personality: Register a SNAP EBT card Today, we want to round up with discussing some of the major advantages and disadvantages you'd encounter tying the knot with the four basic temperament categories, which obviously is consequent of their inherent temperament strengths and weaknesses. It's my believe... Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Phlegmatic Temperament.

What are Some of the Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Typical Phlegmatic Temperament? Register a SNAP EBT card The phlegmatics, just like all the other temperaments, has got some strengths and weaknesses that often impacts all areas of their lives either positively or negatively. Be it in marriage, career or jobs, leadership, lifestyle,... Continue Reading →

How A Sanguine’s Temperament Weaknesses Impacts His Success In Life.

The Sanguine's Temperament Weaknesses That Negatively Impacts His Success In Life: The four basic temperaments which are consequent upon the genes that were unconsciously transferred to us during our conception way back from the days of Adam, the first man that lived on earth, to our forefathers, and now to our contemporary parents has no... Continue Reading →

A Choleric-sanguine Temperament Blend Major Strengths And Weaknesses.

Major Strengths and Weaknesses of a Cholsan Blend of Temperament: Today, in continuation of our series of posts about the twelve temperament blends. We shall be considering some of the typical Choleric-sanguine or cholsan temperament blend strengths and weaknesses, which no doubt often impacts them both positively and also negatively as they go through life.... Continue Reading →

Advantages And Disadvantages of Marrying A Melancholy.

Pros And Cons of Marrying A Melancholic Temperament: The four basic temperaments has got inherent strengths and weaknesses that are relevant to them, and they to a very large extent often determines the personality traits of everyone. These strengths and weaknesses often impacts us positively or negatively in almost all aspects of our lives. Be... Continue Reading →

11 Best Career Opportunities For Choleric-melancholic Temperament Blend.

Which Careers Are Best For A Cholmel Temperament Blend? A Choleric-melancholic temperament blend personality is a person who has got Choleric as their predominant or primary temperament, while having melancholy as their secondary temperament. For such a person who combines the very courageous, pragmatism, productivity, leadership and also the self-sufficiency of the choleric plus the... Continue Reading →

Leadership Style of Choleric-melancholic Temperament Blend:

Who Is A Choleric-melancholic Leader? Like we discussed in one my previous post about what different categories of leaders often prioritizes when they are in leadership position, where they have access to the common patrimony of the people. We did tie the priorities of different leaders to the particular temperament they're bore with which clearly... Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Choleric.

Pros and Cons of Getting Married to a Choleric: There is no perfect marriage. Human natural imperfections has obviously made having a perfect marriage that's devoid of any shortcomings or oddity an impossibility. These imperfections are no doubt embedded in the four basic temperament categories we are born with, which we clearly inherited from our... Continue Reading →

10 Best Career Opportunities For Choleric-Sanguine Temperament Blends.

Which Careers Are Best Suitable For A Cholsan Temperament Blend? The Choleric-Sanguine or cholsan temperament blend is the second most extroverted personality after their sanchol counterpart. Although, he may not be that people-oriented person, who always wants to be with people and dominate a discussion. Even if it means throwing himself into the conversation uninvited,... Continue Reading →

12 Best Jobs or Careers For A Sanguine-Choleric Blend of Temperament.

Which Jobs Best Suits A Sanchol Temperament Blend? Much as we talk about the four basic temperament categories and the jobs or careers they're best suited for. It is important we do not only focus on the four categories of temperament alone but rather extend it to discussing the twelve blends of temperaments for a... Continue Reading →

Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage For A Sanguine-choleric Blend.

Which Temperament Is The Best For A Sanchol In Marriage? Temperament compatibility in any dating relationship or marriage isn't just about compatibility of spouses or dates in likes or dislikes, preferences and choices It's rather more about their compatibility in terms of their natural temperament strengths and weaknesses, and those traits in their heartthrobs that... Continue Reading →

Phlegmatic Spouse’s Personality Traits In Marriage.

What Are The Behavioral Patterns of A Phlegmatic Personality In Marriage: A phlegmatic personality is described as water. Just as water is a universal solvent that looks too common, very innocent and harmless, but possesses great potential for good and also for evil. It is the same way that typical phlegmatics appears to be the... Continue Reading →

16 Lucrative Businesses For Predominantly Phlegmatic Temperaments.

Which Businesses Are The Best For Phlegmatics? Typical Phlegmatic Man: Today, we want to consider some of the best business that ranks even with a typical phlegmatic's temperament strengths. It's expected that at the end of reading this post, you'll be able to figure out which businesses best suits you as a predominant phlegmatic. Being... Continue Reading →

Personality Traits of A Melancholy Spouse In Marriage.

What Are The Behavioral Patterns of a Typical Melancholy Spouse In Marriage? In today's post, we intend to look at some of the traits and behavioral patterns of a typical melancholy spouse in their marriage. We will be looking at the melancholy spouse with respect to their marital relationship, their sexual responses, how they train... Continue Reading →

18 Lucrative Businesses For Predominantly Melancholic Temperament.

Which Businesses Are Best For A Predominant Melancholy? In these days of high unemployment rate or non-availability of jobs, where millions of unemployed graduates are scrambling for very few available jobs in different sectors and places. It has become very expedient for everyone to start considering creating jobs for themselves and become their own boss... Continue Reading →

Personality Traits of A Choleric Spouse In Marriage.

Behavioral Patterns of a Typical Choleric Spouse In Marriage: In the theory of humorism as well explained by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. Cholerics are described as 🔥 fire, very quick and hot personalities. They're the second most extroverted temperament after the sanguines. But unlike the sanguines who are very lively, playful and people-oriented, cholerics... Continue Reading →

How Cholerics Can Improve Their Interpersonal Relationship Skills.

How To Build Your Interpersonal Relationship Skills As A Choleric: Human interpersonal relationship is a basic factor that's very necessary for human coexistence. It's important to help team members and colleagues to work seamlessly together in achieving a common objective without rancour. But it's quite unfortunate that so many persons lacks this basic skill or... Continue Reading →

How Melancholies Can Overcome Moodiness And Become More Cheerful

How To Overcome Moodiness And Be More Cheerful As A Melancholy. Moodiness is a state of being sad or unhappy. It is common for humans, despite the temperament category they belong, to be in an unhappy mood sometimes particularly when our emotions or feelings is somewhat undermined. However, some temperaments are more prone to being... Continue Reading →

Personality Traits of A Sanguine Spouse In Marriage.

What Are Some of The Behavioral patterns of A Sanguine Spouse In Marriage? One of the major causes of problems in marriage or marital conflicts, is lack of understanding of personality traits of different temperaments, and also the inability of couples to tolerate one another's idiosyncrasies. These personal oddities could also be considered as their... Continue Reading →

5 Self-reliant Careers That’ll Make Sanguines Become Their Own Boss.

Best Careers That Could Make Sanguines Self-employed: In these days of high unemployment rate, and perhaps scarcity of jobs. It's important that we must begin to look beyond working for someone or for some big organizations to creating job for ourselves and become self-reliant or Self-employed. It's quite unfortunate that in this age and time,... Continue Reading →

Sanguine-Melancholy Best Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Who's A Sanmel Temperament Blend Compatible With In Marriage? In my last post, we did list 10 careers that sanmels are best suited for. This is based on the fact that a sanmel is a very lively, happy and an enthusiastic person when it comes to doing their jobs. But in today's post, we want... Continue Reading →

10 Best Careers For Sanmel Temperament Blend.

Which Careers Are Best For A Sanguine-Melancholy (Sanmel) Blend? Career and personality are no doubt two different words, that defines who we are as individuals. Thus, both must remain inseparable for one to have a very rewarding and fulfilling career, more so in these days of lack or scarcity of jobs. Even majority of the... Continue Reading →

Best Melancholy-Choleric Blend Compatible Temperament In Marriage.

Who's A Melchol Blend Best Compatible With In Marriage? We've previously looked at the typical melchol temperament blends in terms of their careers, and we listed some of the careers that they're best suited for and which ranks even or conforms to their temperament strengths. In this post, we're going to be analyzing the melchol... Continue Reading →

Sanguine-Choleric Temperament Blends Strengths And Weaknesses.

Register a SNAP EBT card Strengths And Weaknesses of a Sanchol Temperament Blend: It's no longer a breaking news to say that no human being is born with just one particular temperament. We've all got a combination or blends of different temperaments in varying degrees or proportion. Some persons could have up to three temperament... Continue Reading →

9 Best Careers For Melancholic-Choleric (Melchol) Temperament Blends.

Which Careers Are Best For A Melchol Temperament Blend? The high unemployment rate, and perhaps the quest for some financial gratification has made a lot of people to venture into some careers which are very much incongruous to the temperament they're born with. Hence, the major reason why they struggle in such careers without being... Continue Reading →

6 Strategies of Living With A Cheating Sanguine Spouse.

How To Live With A Cheating Sanguine Spouse In Marriage: In this secular world that we all live within, infidelity and extramarital affairs has become so common that one may wonder if secularism is not an incentive that promotes it. May be not, because everyone is responsible for their actions, and perhaps, it is, because... Continue Reading →

9 Best Careers For Melphleg Temperament Blends.

Which Careers Are Best For Melphlegs? Melphlegs are supeintroverts just like their twin, phlegmels. This is someone whose basic or primary temperament is melancholy, while their secondary is phlegmatic. For someone who has these two introverted temperaments combined in them, perhaps in a blend ratio of 60:40 or 55:45, he or she will mostly be... Continue Reading →

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