The Four Types of People By Nature! Once upon a time, there lived in a village called global, four types of human being. Their names are; Mr. Smart Sanguine, Mr. Hot Choleric, Mr Perfectionist Melancholy and Mr. Organized Phlegmatic. They’ve lived together for decades, each one of them going about their businesses and personal endeavors. Though their traits and behavioral patterns are different from the other, but rarely do they understand why they act the way they do, and behave differently. They’ve carried on like that for years, until the subject of inherited temperament was introduced by the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates.

Mr Sanguine is described as air, because he is very free, lively and could also be ubiquitous. He's usually the first to talk in a gathering and often exaggerates, but rarely does he work his talk. He's a talkative, talks more but does very little. Though a very charismatic and free-spirited person, who often tends... Continue Reading →

Which Temperament Should A Predominant Phlegmatic Marry?

Phlegmatics are the calmest and coolest of the four basic temperaments. They're also the most outwardly simple, naive and also innocent looking persons of the four types of temperaments. Although they are often considered to be introverts, who loves to keep to themselve and mind their business, just like their melancholic counterparts. But unlike their... Continue Reading →

How Phlegmatics Can Be More Courageous And Confident.

There's no gainsaying the fact that typical phlegmatics are the most fearful, the least courageous and confident of the four basic temperament categories, next to them are their melancholic counterparts. But it is easier for melancholics to overcome fear and be more confident of themselves if they often confront their fears, or has got someone... Continue Reading →

7 Major Causes of Depression For Melancholics In Marriage and How To Avoid It.

Major Factors That Makes A Predominant Melancholic Feel Depressed In Marriage: One of the four basic temperaments that easily feels depressed or that frequently relapses into a state of depression, are the melancholics. The typical melancholic's mood swings fluctuates intermittently, and often operates between an ecstatic high, and a depressed low moods. This minute, their... Continue Reading →

10 Best Careers For A Phlegmatic-Sanguine Blend of Temperament.

Careers Best For A Phlegsan Blend Of Temperament: Create Amazon Business Account In today's post, we shall continue with our series of considering the twelve blends of temperaments, and the careers they will be best suitable for. Thus, we shall be looking at the phlegmatic-sanguine or the phlegsan temperament blend, and also some of the... Continue Reading →

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