How Phlegmatics Can Improve Their Parenting And Child Training Capacity.

Temperament And Child Training:

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Parenting and child training has become a very big societal challenge in modern times, and it’s evident and visible in the lifestyle of young kids who are growing up. There have also been numerous blog posts and very interesting reads about parenting and child training. However, any write-up or posts about this topic, without really taking into cognizance and consideration of the temperament and personality traits of the parents will be less efficient and valuable. Because, as a parent, you cannot give what you do not have, no one can. This is why in this post, we want to focus on a particular temperament, precisely “phlegmatics” and how they can improve their child training and parenting skills.

Let’s Meet The Phlegmatic Parent To Get Started:

The typical phlegmatic parent is that very calm, quiet, gentle, gracious and organized individual who’s very calm and unruffled even in very critical and most challenging situations. He’s a very caring and loving individual, who’s very committed to his family more than anything else, except when work or career pressures begins to find his way into his life. He’s a very good manager of pressure, handling it with calm and efficiency, eventhough he fears being under one. A phlegmatic’s home is easily his fortress, since he finds more ☮️ peace calm and security in his home more than anywhere else. Female phlegmatics are very dutiful and domestically industrious persons. She plays her domestic and marital roles with organization and calmness. She’s very passionate about her kids, and cares about their well-being, and her male phlegmatic counterpart is an efficiently organized individual who always loves to keep his family together and in warm peace. Though phlegmatic parents generally shares similar characteristics, whether male or female. Phlegmatics parents have got very good morals and qualities of respect, humility, gentleness, self- discipline and organization that they love to see replicated in their kids, but lacks the courage and determination to pass it on to them. And except the kids are typical phlegmatics as they are or are predominantly of the phlegmatic temperament, they could become very unruly and uncontrollable.

Major Weaknesses of The Phlegmatics That’s Responsible For Their Poor Parenting and Child Upbringing:

Inspite of a phlegmatic’s sterling traits and qualities, there are numerous weaknesses which often negatively affects them in life. But for the purpose of this post, we’ll only focus on those major weaknesses that affects their marriage and reflects in their parenting and child training or upbringing of their kids.

A phlegmatic is a very docile, fearful and indecisive personality who lacks courage, self-will and determination. Apart from a melancholy who comes close, no other temperament can be as fearful and indecisive as a Phlegmatic. Although what induces a typical melancholy’s fear is different from that of a phlegmatic. Phlegmatics often fears many unknown and things they’re unfamiliar with, including their unruly kids. A phlegmatic is a natural procrastinator, which makes him very indecisive, since he needs the support of everyone and for all to agree with him before he can take a decision. They often watch things happen, even despicable things, and deteriorates before they’ll start thinking of what to do. They’re more reactive than proactive people. Phlegmatics, generally lacks the will and courage to take a decision and stand by their decision, no matter whose ox is gored, as they’ll be seen changing it when under pressure or challenges. They lack the will and determination to stand by their conviction to the end, but often backtracks and rescinds their decisions as circumstances changes. These attitudes no doubt also affects the upbringing and training of their kids. A phlegmatic father or mother could be upset with the misdemeanor of their kids and have a resolve to discipline them, but will sooner backtrack from that decision just seeing the tears of the kid or to avoid facing any resistance from them or being in an unpleasant, discomforting situations. This makes their kids grow up to become very disrespectful and unruly to them, since they lack the will, courage and determination to wield the big stick or use other means to instill discipline in them when necessary.

How Phlegmatic Parents Can Improve Their Child Training Capacity:

Since phlegmatics often battles with fear and trepidation, indecision, lack of self-will and determination. Thus, they’re usually drawn and are often attracted to other temperaments who exudes these qualities. Hence, as a typical phlegmatic parent, you should understand that your kids will naturally take after some of your weaknesses, especially if they inherited more genes from you. Therefore, marrying a different temperament that has more of these qualities you’re deficient of, will help to augment things in the marriage. As a phlegmatic parent, you’ve got the morals, values and discipline to instill in your kids. You also desires these qualities to be replicated in them, but you’ve got to be more deliberate, determined and decisive about inculcating these traits in them. You have to start very early, particularly at their tender and early teenage years. You’ve got enormous love and care to give them but you must add a little discipline in order to balance things. Discover what works for you, a carrot and stick approach will definitely suffice to make them grow into very disciplined and responsible adults.

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