How To Manage And Overcome Your Temperament Weaknesses.

Managing Your Temperament Weaknesses Through Influence:

To sound more like a broken record, every temperament has weaknesses and strengths that are peculiar to them. Thus, there’s no need being so much hard on, or very critical about yourself, because of your weaknesses.

Inspite of the fact that these weakness impacts us negatively in diverse ways and in different aspects of our lives, and could also irritate other persons of opposite or temperaments and personality traits.

A lot of persons are appalled and often feels very irritated seeing their own weakness in someone else. This is quite natural for humans, as no parent likes to see their weaknesses replicated in their kids. But the basic truth is that, you cannot run away from it, because you can only give what you’ve got or you’ll always reproduce yourself.

In this post, we’ll be considering the major weaknesses of the four basic temperament that often negatively impacts them in life and how they can better manage or overcome it, with a view to helping them maximize their potentials for success.

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Let’s meet the various temperaments or personality with their individual weaknesses:

Remember, one way to identify your basic or primary temperament is to be aware of your major weaknesses. This will be a faster way to without any doubt demystifying who you are, and which temperament category you belong. Without much ado.

Let’s meet Mr. Sanguine and his major Strengths and weaknesses:

Mr. Sanguine is a very expressive, lively, charismatic and ebullient personality. He’s a fun-loving, highly spirited and happy-go-lucky person who has a natural capacity for not always enjoying himself alone, but loves to pass his fun loving spirit to others.

He’s the type that’s never in want of friends, but has them in very large numbers and often uses his blustery and exuberance to keep them addicted to himself. When it comes to having a fun time and enjoying himself, he’s often attracted to similar temperament that shares the same traits with him.

No wonder he’s easily bored by other temperaments who does not fancy his lifestyle or cannot match his very sophisticated and exuberant lifestyle. When his feeling is undermined, he’ll immediately yell in very short, quick and explosive ire that often wanes as soon as he quickly remembers his next fun moment.

However, inspite of Mr. Sanguine’s nice and seemingly friendly qualities, a typical sanguine’s major weakness is lack of self-discipline and control. No other temperament lacks self-control and discipline more than a sanguine. Little wonder he inadvertently hurts people with his words and actions that he has to frequently apologize.

Indiscipline and lack of self-control or restraint has gotten many sanguines into unnecessary troubles more than any other thing, and has hampered their pursuit for success in career, marriage, parenting and finances. Unless he’s got a commensurate secondary temperament, that’s more disciplined than his sanguine nature, he will almost become a failure in life.

Mr. Choleric and his natural strengths and weaknesses:

A Choleric is a more disciplined, decisive and determined personality than his sanguine counterpart. He’s a very hot, quick and pragmatic person, whose courageous and hardworking spirit, plus doggedness in achieving his goals makes him succeeds where others had failed. He’s a visionary. He can envision his own empire and also work tirelessly to achieve it.

Cholerics are the most self-sufficient of all the temperaments, who feels that they do not need anyone to accomplish or achieve their goals. And more often than not, they rarely do, but people often loves to get involve in their business when they start seeing his successes.

However, inspite of these fantastic qualities, a typical Mr. Choleric is a domineering, high-handed, ruthless, inconsiderate and unsympathetic individual. He’s rarely sensitive to the plight of anyone, and inconsiderate of their feelings.

He’s so unsympathetic that the tears of others means nothing to him, infact he’s very irritated by those tears. Mr. Choleric has got the least developed emotional responses of the four basic temperaments. Unless he is trained with love, and grow up with it, he’ll almost become a bully.

He often finds it very easy making decisions for himself and also for others, and he’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who does not agree with his opinions. Never try to argue with him, for he’ll not hesitate to make a mincemeat of you with his very embarrassing and 🔪 knife- cutting words.

Unless he’s got second temperament that is more sympathetic and also conscientious than his primary choleric temperament, he will almost lost his milk of kindness.

Mr. Melancholy and his natural strengths and weaknesses:

Melancholies are the most emotional of all the temperaments, who has deeper inner feelings than they appear outward. He’s a very gifted, talented, intelligent, enterprising and self-sacrificing individual with an uncommon desire for perfection.

He’s not so much passionate about making friends but he’s a very loyal friend who always waits for people to come to him and show him sincere love and commitment before he can take them seriously.

He loves deeply but desires to be loved sincerely as well. Their conscientious nature do not allow them disappoint or betray those who are honest with him, and believes in his ability and are counting on him.

However, inspite of Mr. Melancholy’s Sterling qualities, his major undoing or weaknesses in life are moodiness, low self-esteem and selfishness. It often amazes me that persons of such impeccable qualities like melancholy still battles with poor self-image.

Melancholies often battles with this, because of their perfectionist desires, which makes them feel very under- achieved or inadequate when they do not get things up to one hundred percent done.

Melancholies has an unusual mood swings, that sometimes lifts them to ecstatic heights that cause them to act like extroverts or make them to become completely withdrawn and very antagonistic when it’s down.

Selfishness is not also uncommon for melancholies, for he prefers himself first before anyone else in anything he does, although he’s not inconsiderate as the choleric, but his selfishness or self-preference, and moodiness often hampers his relationship with others.

Mr. Phlegmatic and his natural strengths and weaknesses:

Mr. Phlegmatic almost shares similar traits of the melancholy, but unlike melancholies, phlegmatics are more consistent in their character and approach to things. Phlegmatics are the most quiet, gentle, gracious and organized personalities of all the temperaments.

They are the most likeable and easy-going individuals who are often scared of being in conflicts with anyone. Although they often keeps to themselves, but have a natural desire for people.

However, despite Mr. Phlegmatics kind, gentle and gracious qualities, his major weaknesses which often limits him in life are: fear, indecision, lack of self-motivation and determination. Phlegmatics have a problem with fear more than any other temperament.

Fear of the unknown, fear of facing criticism, fear of facing pressures and challenges are some of the things they fear. Consequently, it makes them unable to stick out their necks and be resolute about pursuing their goals in life.

Lack of motivation in taking action is also another major weakness of phlegmatics. When they’re happy and relaxed in their comfort zone, or even feel helpless over an unpleasant situation that they’re not comfortable with, docility is not uncommon for them.

Although, they could be extremely optimistic and hopeful, but they’re the first to see problems and challenges in any new project idea or visions. And unless they’ve got another secondary temperament that’s more courageous and determined, they could end up becoming spectators in life.

How To Better Manage Your Temperament Weaknesses.

Temperament influence on one another!

In human interpersonal relationships, influence is a very powerful aspect of human existence. The Weaknesses of two similar temperaments naturally repels them, while they are often attracted to their strengths. Although, temperament strengths or weaknesses cannot be completely discarded, but the weaknesses can be managed and the strengths maximized. For anyone to better manage their temperament weaknesses, influence must have to come into play.

In electrical sciences, unlike charges attracts each other. Similarly in human relationships, opposite or dissimilar temperaments often admires and are attracted to the strengths and qualities of the other, and as the relationship continues, they unknowingly influence one another. Remember, no influence can be more profound than those of your temperament on you.

As a natural sanguine or phlegmatic will still retain their individual traits even if they relate with one another or with other temperament, but the back and forth influence could help to tweak or modify their strengths or weaknesses. I’ve seen sanguines who by frequently relating and interacting with melancholies, becomes more disciplined and gradually do things more reasonably and intelligently.

While their melancholy counterpart becomes a happier and an expressive individual. I’ve also seen phlegmatics who by relating with a fearless and determined choleric, have their level of confidence gradually boosted, and they become more courageous and resolute. while the choleric gets more organized and considerate of others.

However, despite the fact that influence could be very effective and efficient in helping us to manage our weaknesses, it’s also important that we endeavor to get rid of, and also permanently overcome them, since they’re not desirable and could scuttle our success in life. It’s for this reason that I’ll recommend you buy and read the “Spirit-controlled temperament written by Tim Lahaye, a very popular and renowned international author of many books on temperaments.

This book made a huge difference in my life, as a melancholy who also battled with low self-esteem and persecution as a kid raised by typical melancholic parents. From the spiritual point of view, this book will certainly help you to overcome your primary temperament weaknesses, and you’ll become more refined in your traits and behavioral pattern.

You need to build a closer relationship with them, so that your weaknesses will gradually become unnoticeable. Even in marriage, it’s always adviced for people to marry temperaments who’re opposite to theirs, so their individual strengths will rub-off on both of them and their weaknesses better managed as long as influence continues to move back and forth. But more importantly, you need to think of permanently overcoming these weaknesses by ordering and reading the Spirit-controlled temperament by Tim Lahaye.

Conclusion, influence, which often takes place as a result of our human interactions and relationships with one another, often plays a big role in helping us manage our temperament weaknesses. And this influence often goes back and forth. Thus, in order to better manage your weaknesses or ameliorate its negative impact on you. You need to relate more often and be friends with other temperaments that

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  1. Thank you princewillejims for sharing this information. I honestly think this post is a must read for anyone who wants to know how to manage their weaknesses. I quiet agree with you that influencing one another with our strengths is one way that could happen. Thanks again.



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