10 Best Careers For A Phlegmatic-Sanguine Blend of Temperament.

Careers Best For A Phlegsan Blend Of Temperament:

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In today’s post, we shall continue with our series of considering the twelve blends of temperaments, and the careers they will be best suitable for. Thus, we shall be looking at the phlegmatic-sanguine or the phlegsan temperament blend, and also some of the careers that perfectly matches their basic temperament strengths, and which they’ll effortlessly succeed in, find fulfilment and satisfaction while doing their due diligence on the job.

The phlegsan is one of the twelve blends of temperaments. This is basically someone who has got phlegmatic as their primary or predominant temperament, and sanguine as their secondary. While they may appear to be somewhat reserved, calm, quiet and also peaceful because of their predominant phlegmatic aspect, the secondary sanguine aspect which has a little less influence on them compare to their phlegmatic side will also make them to be somewhat outgoing, charismatic, lively and perhaps expressive. However, they will usually be more often under the control and influence of their basic or primary phlegmatic temperament than their secondary sanguine aspect.

When it comes to their careers, strengths of both the phlegmatic and also sanguine side combines to enable the phlegsan perfectly do their jobs, and subsequently succeed in their chosen career field. The organized, meticulous-patience, mechanical aptitude, diligent and loyal strengths and qualities of the phlegmatic, is combined with the lively, expressive, charismatic and also people- oriented qualities of the sanguine to make phlegsan succeed in relevant career fields. For a person who combines these strengths and qualities, courtesy of the temperament they are born with, which careers do you think that they’ll be best suitable for? This is basically what we are going to be looking at in our discussion today.

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Best Careers For A Phlegmatic-sanguine or Phlegsan Temperament Blend:

1. Customer Service Representative:

The calm, patient and peaceful qualities of typical phlegmatic is combined with the lively, charismatic and the people-oriented qualities of a sanguine to make a typical phlegsan effortlessly succeed as a customer service representative/relationship career. In order to succeed in this career, you must know how to relate with your clients and customers in a camaraderie atmosphere even if it’s the first time you are meeting with them, and also be able to create that convivial ambience for interaction to take place.

Secondly, you must also learn to be patient with some aggressive and difficult clients and customers who may not want to make you feel bad. This is important to enable your organization expand its clientele and customer base by attracting new ones, and also retaining the existing ones. If this is the case, then asides the sanphleg, there is no other temperament blend that has got these requisite strengths and qualities to make this happen more than a phlegsan. It is basically for this reason that, if you are a phlegsan, a career in customer service rep is one of the best you sure have to consider exploring, because it ranks even with your temperament strengths and qualities. Book like customer relationship management by Roger J. Baran and Galka will help you to upscale your skills in this career.

2. Marketing and Sales:

People are often converted into paying customers for so many reasons. Sometimes it could be in the way you approach them, your looks, dressing and comportment. It could also be as a result of your charisma, liveliness or perhaps being exactly what you’re trying to market to them or showing example of how it has helped you in one way or another. Beyond all these ways to get people to buy into what you’re trying to sell to them, and also convert them into paying customers and clients, I believe the most efficient way to get anyone to pander to what you’re proposing, is to first off, be respectully-charismatic in the way you approach them, create a friendly ambience for conversations to happen, and finally be convincing enough with what you’re trying to sell to them.

Efficient sales and marketing requires so many marketing strategies, and anyone who wants to succeed in converting a lot of prospective buyers or clients into paying customers and clients must adopt different strategies to meet up with their target. You may also be required to use different tactic or approach for different folks in order to be successful. But the bottom line is being able to approach anyone in a very friendly way, and be convincing enough to make them bring out their money to pay for your products or services. Apart from a typical sanphleg who has got the word-of-mouth, charisma and bargaining ability to make anyone buy into what they are proposing, the phlegsan has also got people-oriented qualities and the patience plus friendliness to attract people to themselves and convert them into paying clients and customers.

Therefore, if you’re a phlegsan, marketing and sales career is one of those you could do very well in. Your people-oriented qualities, plus calm composure and also your subtle way of making anyone pander toward you will be a catalyst to helping you succeed in this career field. If you’re confused about taking up a job or career in marketing and sales, or perhaps you are contemplating whether you’ll succeed in it or not as a phlegsan, don’t be scared. You have all it takes to succeed as an efficient sales and marketing officer. You may want to order the 1-page marketing plan by Alan Dib, and the book on sales and marketing by Ashley Wilkes Webber, to improve and advance your sales and marketing career.

3. Diplomatic Relations:

Phlegsans are often better diplomats than any other temperament. Apart from their melsan counterparts who comes a bit close no other temperament or blend that makes better diplomats more than phlegsans. For building, maintaining and also sustaining diplomatic ties and international relations with other countries requires the strengths and qualities of a predominant phlegmatic, and those of the sanguine personality. This is because the calm, congenial, patient and organized qualities of a typical phlegmatic, will combine with the charismatic, lively, expressive and people-oriented qualities of the typical sanguine to make the phlegsan personality best qualified for this career.

Naturally, phlegmatics knows how to maintain and sustain relationships as long as they’re still considered to be very good partners in that relationship. And when it’s blended with the sanguine temperament, who loves to bring fun and flare in a very camaraderie atmosphere, it will definitely make the phlegsan personality a very nice and lovable person that most persons will often love to relate with. Thus, if you are a typical phlegsan, a career in international relations and diplomacy is one of such you should consider exploring because it ranks even with your temperament strengths.

4. Nursing:

There are no better caregivers or nursing professionals than typical phlegsans. This is because a combination of a predominant phlegmatic temperament and a secondary sanguine temperament makes the typical phlegsan personality a highly emotional and very empathetic person, who always cares for the well-being of persons under their care or custody. The phlegsan nurse is that nurse that’s always patient with his or her patients, finds it easy to give them a grin even in the most difficult of situations, and will also lift up their spirit with some very nice and encouraging words asides administering treatments on them.

It’s basically for this reason that most patients are more likely to be cheerful, lively and also responds positively to a typical phlegmatic and sanguine nurse, and will also most likely respond faster to treatments being administered by them, than they will to a melancholic or choleric nurse. This is mainly because the impatient attitude and moody disposition of the later when things do not work as they expected, will often discourage and also dampen the spirit of their patients, and will most likely affect their recovery rate. Thus, if you are a typical phlegmatic personality maybe with sanguine as your secondary temperament, a career in nursing is one of the best, and very profitable career you should consider getting into, because you’ve got the basic skills and qualities required to excel in that profession.

5. Teaching:

The teaching profession is also another career that typical phlegsans also succeeds in. There’s no other temperament that’s so much attracted to the teaching profession more than the phlegmatics. When blended with the sanguine temperament, it makes a phlegsan personality the best fitted for this career. The very calm, patient, congenial and organized qualities of the phlegmatic when combined with the lively, expressive, and storytelling ability of typical sanguine, often endears the phlegsan teacher to his or her pupils and students.

Since students and pupils tends to learn much better in a very friendly ambience where they are free to relate with the teacher, which a typical phlegsan teacher will bring to bare in his or her teaching experience, they’ll be more comfortable being in their classes, and also easily learn and understand what they’re being taught. Therefore, if you’re a typical phlegsan, the teaching profession is one of the best you should also consider going into. You’ve got all the necessary skills and qualities to be a very efficient classroom teacher.

6. Conflict and Dispute Resolution or Management:

Phlegsans are gifted with the gift of conflict and dispute management and resolution. If you need a very good conflict and dispute manager, you definitely need to consult a typical phlegsan personality. Perhaps, it could be because they are naturally gifted or endowed with the ability to use some gracious or seasoned words to pacify and calm down two or more warring factions, and make peace between them. Because of their very meek, congenial and ☮️peaceful nature, phlegmatics are often respected, and also listened to, when it has to do with making peace or resolving conflicts.

Infact, the world is presently in dire need of more peacemakers or conflict managers. And no other temperament blend is more gifted with conflict management ability or peacemaking skills more than the typical phlegsan personality. Therefore, if you’re a phlegmatic-sanguine personality, a career in conflict or dispute management and resolution is another very essential career you may want to consider going into, and become one of the best peacemaker in the world.

7. Mass Communication:

Although predominant phlegmatics are introverts by nature, but they seem to be attracted to some people-oriented careers or careers that often brings people closer to them, where they could be appreciated by them or get their accolades for doing a good job. A career in mass communication is one of those that phlegmatics are often attracted to. Eventhough they may appear to be shy or frightened during their first showing on radio or television, but they often gradually overcome it, when they consistently make appearances, and also subsequently become very seasoned media men or broadcasters.

Moreover, because of their secondary sanguine temperament, that’s much more lively, expressive, charismatic and also very fascinating in their story- telling ability, phlegsans rarely find it difficult succeeding in the mass communication career. Therefore, as a typical phlegsan personality, a mass communication career is one of the best that ranks even with your temperament strengths, thus, you’ll do well as a broadcaster or media personality.

8. Flight Attendant:

The calm and organized, plus congenial qualities of a typical phlegmatic, when these strengths or qualities are combined with the lively, highly spirited and people oriented qualities of the typical sanguine, it no doubt makes the phlegsan personality an organized and people-oriented person, who becomes likeable by people because they know how to make everyone feel very cool and comfortable. It’s basically for this reason that a typical phlegsan personality will most likely succeed as flight attendant, helping to usher in boarding passengers, and ensuring that they’re very comfortable while on-board the flight through out their journey. Their etiquette, plus very good relationship with the air passengers, makes them attract new passengers and expand their organization’s business. As a phlegsan a career or job as a flight attendant is also of the best you’ll do very well in, because it you’ve got the strength and quality to make everyone feel alright while on-board the plane.

9. Public Relation Personnel or Officers:

Phlegsans knows how to sell or market an organization or a group, and make people to start trusting and believing in them. The typical phlegmatic is a very calm, innocent looking person, which makes people often tends to pander towards them. When this temperament is combined with the lively, expressive and charismatic sanguine, who has got the oratory and word-of-mouth to convince anyone and make them to begin to see some positives in what they’re trying to market to them. This makes the phlegsan personality a very good evangelist who do know how to evangelize and woo people into accepting what they initially have a very contrary opinion about. It’s basically for this reason that a public relations job or career will definitely be one of the best for a typical phlegsan personality. A book like modern guide to public relations written by Amy Rosenberg is one of the best that’ll enable you to take your public relations career to greater heights.

10. Receptionist:

The ability to welcome and warmly receive incoming visitors and clients to a company or an organization in order to make them feel very relaxed and comfortable while doing business with the organization, sure requires the congeniality of the phlegmatic plus the liveliness and people-oriented qualities of the sanguine personality. Apart from their sanphleg counterpart, there’s no other temperament that has got these basic qualities more than the typical phlegsan blend of temperament. Therefore, if you’re a phlegsan personality, a job or career as a receptionist is one that also matches your temperament strengths, and you may want to consider going into into it or getting a job in that field.

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