Which Temperament Should A Predominant Phlegmatic Marry?

Phlegmatics are the calmest and coolest of the four basic temperaments. They’re also the most outwardly simple, naive and also innocent looking persons of the four types of temperaments. Although they are often considered to be introverts, who loves to keep to themselve and mind their business, just like their melancholic counterparts. But unlike their predominant melancholic counterparts, phlegmatics often enjoys and loves the company of people, and also for everyone to pander to them. It’s rare to see a typical phlegmatic person do anything or take any decision on their own without the support, approval and encouragement of people around them, particularly persons who seem to be in a good relationship with them. They are the most naive, simple and easygoing of the four temperaments. Thus, because of their simplicity and their desire to have everyone as their close friend and acquaintances, they appear to be the most gullible persons, who are more often than not easily taken advantage of by the same people.

However, they’re very peaceful, organized, calm and quiet people. Rarely do they get into conflicts or confrontations with people despite how provoked they are, because of the fear of getting into trouble with them. A typical phlegmatic could even allow you to have your way or let you take their right just to avoid having any problem with you. They learn to bear pain and hurts in their hearts, and sometimes pretends not being hurt, by putting on a smiley face. But all of these are definitely not without the natural oddity of bearing inner resentment, anger and some revengeful thoughts, and which they don’t hesitate to pay you back in your coin immediately they get the opportunity, or the capacity to deal with you. Although naturally and outwardly nice people, but predominant phlegmatics has got so many weaknesses that are more often concealed. While majority of the typical phlegmatic’s strengths and qualities are easily noticed, because they are outward and visible, but a good number of their weaknesses and personal oddities are inward and hidden, and are not easily noticeable.

When it comes to their sentimental and emotional lifestyle, like marriage or dating relationship, phlegmatics are easily one of the most romantic and affectionate people to date or marry, despite their complexes and poor self-esteem. A typical phlegmatic, male or female, is a lovey-dovey kind of person, who often loves to get all the love, care and attention first, before they could reciprocate through their nice and kind qualities, and bringing their sensuality, and romantic side to bare on their marital or dating relationship. There is no other temperament that’s more stingy and selfish not just with their love relationship, but in material things as well than phlegmatics.

Although they’ve got inner affection and love for their kids, but it’s a predominant phlegmatic husband or wife, but especially a phlegmatic wife, that often wants their spouse to show, and give them all the love, care and attention ahead of their kids, and then they will be the one to determine and decide the amount of care and attention their kids get from their spouse. Aside the typical melancholic who comes close, no other temperament can be more selfish or stingy with their erotic love, and jealous of their heartthrobs more than predominant phlegmatics. Phlegmatics needs enormous love, care and attention always, to sustain their loyalty, love and respect in the dating relationship or marriage.

Having laid a brief description of the traits and behavioral patterns of phlegmatics in both their secular and sentimental lifestyle let’s now consider the best temperament for them to tie the knot with in marriage.

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Which Temperament Should A Typical Phlegmatic Person Marry?

Before giving my honest opinion on this question, I’d first of all discuss what the marital relationship between a phlegmatic and other temperaments will look like. For instance, what is likely to be the outcome of a marriage between a predominantly phlegmatic person and a sanguine person, a phlegmatic and choleric person and also outcome of a marital relationship between phlegmatic and melancholic personalities. This is so that you would be able to make an informed decision when deciding on who among them you’d be comfortable tieing the nuptial knot with.

Marital Relationship Between A Typical Sanguine and Phlegmatic:

This is basically a relationship between a superintrovert phlegmatic personality and a superextrovert sanguine. Barring every other circumstances that may trigger crisis or conflicts, this marital relationship is no doubt supposed to be one of the best, most peaceful, romantic and lovely, because the sanguine is an entertainer, and phlegmatic loves to be entertained. However, it more often than not turns out to be a marriage of loneliness and boredom, especially for the phlegmatic spouse, but more particularly for the phlegmatic wife. It’s a marriage full so much intrigues, suspicions and also lack of trust on the part of the phlegmatic wife for her sanguine husband. Maybe because of the typical sanguine’s exuberant lifestyle of enjoying to spend more time outside his home with friends and admirers, and also the phlegmatic’s unbridled desire to often be shown care and attention, and be with them whenever they want you around.

Like I said earlier, this marriage has got the potential to be one of the best, wherein the sanguine is an entertainer, who has got the capacity to make his phlegmatic spouse to feel happy and entertained, and the home become very lively and warmed with his fascinating storytelling ability whenever he his home. While his typical phlegmatic wife who loves to be entertained, often relishes all the good moments spent with his sanguine husband. But the sanguine husband’s frequent outings with friends and admirers, and often coming home very late in the night, no doubt makes their phlegmatic spouse to be lonely and bored. Consequently throwing up every kind of suspicions of infidelity in their minds, and which could also result in intrigues in the marriage from the phlegmatic spouse.

One thing you must know and understand is that, the typical phlegmatic spouse needs to often be shown a dose of love, care and attention for their interest in you to remain and the marriage or relationship to remain sacred and also the love they’ve got for you to be sustained. But often leaving them to feel lonely and bored at home, because you have more time to spend with your friends and admirers, makes them to become very suspicious and unhappy. Eventhough they may not have the courage to tell you for the fear of your reaction, and also to avoid any conflict, but you must be rest assured that some negative thoughts is already going on in their mind, and your marriage or dating relationship is already in jeopardy.

The predominant phlegmatics lacks the courage to resist or say no, to those who had shown them enormous love, care and attention. Therefore, falling into their sexual allurements, or giving into their sexual advances is only a matter of time, especially when they’ve got reasons to believe that you do not love them enough, or care about them. This is mainly what could make a predominant phlegmatic in a relationship or marriage to cheat on you. And it’s often what happens in so many marriages or eros relationship between a predominant phlegmatic and a sanguine personality, especially one where the man is the sanguine, and the woman is the phlegmatic.

Apart from the challenges of lack of trust suspicions and intrigues that could lead to extramarital affairs. A marriage between a predominant phlegmatic and sanguine, could also be faced with the challenge of raising disciplined, resolute and serious kids. This is because a typical sanguine has got very little or no discipline to instill in their kids because they lack this quality in themselve. Similarly the typical phlegmatic spouse who may have got some amount of discipline are too fearful to instill same in their kids. Thus, fear of getting themselves upset or emotionally disturbed could make them to condone some of the misbehaviour of their kids or easily rescind their decision of disciplining them. Moreover, both the sanguine and phlegmatic are not resolute persons. Therefore, changing their minds easily or not being determined in pursuing their dreams or visions is not uncommon for them. However, regardless of anything, predominant sanguine and phlegmatic do find each other attractive in the early stage of their relationship or marriage.

Marital Relationship Between A Typical Phlegmatic And Choleric:

This is often a marriage between a leader or driver, and a good follower who knows exactly what is expected of them from his leader. It’s a marriage wherein the typical choleric naturally positions him or herself as the leader or driver, and the phlegmatic by nature positions themselves as the led or the good follower. In this marriage, it is often in the hands of the choleric spouse by default, to decide and determine the path or direction they want their family to go. And more often than not, it goes the way the typical choleric spouse wants it, since they’re more assertive, domineering and influential than their phlegmatic spouse. Although, the phlegmatic spouse is usually attracted to choleric’s courageous, fearless and very confident qualities, but they are also easily subdued or dominated by their predominant choleric spouse.

This marriage could turnout to be a highly domineering one if perhaps the man is the choleric, who often do love to display his masculine qualities of trying to stamp his authority, and the woman is a phlegmatic who’s easily scared of his choleric hubby’s aggressive nature, anger and outrage. In this marriage, there’s little or no time for games and horseplay, because the choleric is a work and activity-prone personality. Thus, rarely having time for any kind of frivolity or horseplay. He works tirelessly to meet his goals and objectives for the day and also to provide for the well-being of his family, thus depriving his wife of some time for affection and romance. If perhaps his wife complains of not getting enough of his time, he often lashes out at them and justifies it with the fact that they work very hard to provide all their needs, and those of the family and what more do they want from them, without realizing that she also needs his time, affection and attention.

This is the type of marital relationship in which the phlegmatic spouse completely depends on his or her choleric for almost everything. Both in giving directions in the home or taking a decision, and providing for all the needs of the family. Although a typical choleric spouse do have an inner love and admiration for their phlegmatic spouse, perhaps because of the phlegmatic spouse’s calm, quiet and gentle qualities, plus their organized nature and domestic savviness. While the phlegmatic spouse is also attracted to, and appreciative of their predominant choleric spouse’s courageous, fearless, workaholic, productive and also their providential strength and qualities. However, this marriage will usually lack that emotional bond, commitment, passion that a typical phlegmatic often craves for, for the reason that a predominant choleric person is workaholic, who is often more interested in meeting his or her goals and dreams, and working to provide for all the basic needs of their families, rather than dwell so much on, or spend so much time on expressing love, pleasure and romance.

Marital Relationship Between A Typical Phlegmatic And Melancholic Person:

This is obviously a marriage between two introverts. Although the phlegmatic being more introverted than the melancholy, and loves to mind his own business and keep to him or herself. But they still love people to be with and around them, and often notice their nice and kind qualities. But a typical melancholic person is usually a loner. He or she has got no time for anybody. They know how to mind their business and keep to themselve. They often work silently and intelligently until they achieve their goals and dreams, without needing anyone to be around them. These couples usually finds themselves attracted to each other and also relishes their togetherness, quiet, peaceful and serene lifestyle. But marital troubles and crisis usually sets in when they begin to face some challenges, either from within or from without. I have written a lot on the marital relationship between predominant melancholic and phlegmatic. You can read more about them on, a melancholic and phlegmatic marital relationship. Or which of the temperament should a predominant melancholic marry.

Having discussed some of the likely results of a marriage between a predominant phlegmatic and other temperaments, like sanguine, choleric and melancholic. Can we now go back to answering the question about the best temperament that a typical phlegmatic should tie the nuptial knot with in marriage, so you’ll be able to make your mind in deciding on the best compatible temperament for you, either as a sanguine, choleric, melancholic or phlegmatic.

Which Temperament Should A Predominant Phlegmatic Marry?

Like I said before, that this question is subjective, and it basically depends on the qualities or strengths you’re looking for in your would-be spouse. If all you want in a marriage is someone who’ll make you feel happy and entertained whenever they’re around, could take you out for shopping and fun moments. Just someone who’s very lively, expressive and loves fun, and you feel that will suffice to keep you happy in the marriage, amidst all their weaknesses of indiscipline, lack of commitment, very unserious attitude, impulsive behaviours and loquaciousness. Then a predominant sanguine is who you should consider tieing the knot with as a phlegmatic.

If perhaps all you need in marriage is an ambitious, and a workaholic person, who’ll meet all your needs and also provide for the basic needs of the family, but they are rarely emotionally attached or committed to you because of work and achieving their goals. And perhaps you can also live with, or manage their domineering, high-handed and assertive attitude, then a predominant choleric is who you should consider tieing the knot with as a phlegmatic. And finally, if maybe all you desire is a very quiet and peaceful marriage, without any glamour, noise or color, but to just be happy together in the home and you feel that that’ll suffice to keep you happy always in the marriage, regardless of their moody attitude, poor self-esteem, criticisms and perfectionist mentality, then a predominant melancholy is the person you ought to consider getting married to, as a typical phlegmatic.

But in my honest opinion, since marriage is all about partnership, companionship and building together. You should basically be looking out for someone who has got some strengths and qualities that are very much complementary to your weaknesses and strengths. Because those will suffice to keep the marriage afloat when the journey gets really tough and messy, so much so that you feel like just packing it up. It’s for this reason that I’ll recommend someone who has got blend of sanguine-melancholic temperament or sanguine-choleric in the ratio of 60:40 or 55:45 as the best person a predominant phlegmatic personality ought to consider tieing the nuptial knot with. A typical sanmel or sanchol of 60:40 and/or 55:45 blend ratio is my recommendation for a predominant phlegmatic in marriage.

This is basically because these two blends absolutely complements a predominantly phlegmatic person in different areas. For instance, for the sanmel blend. Apart from the warmth, liveliness and the convivial ambience the sanguine aspect of a typical sanmel will bring to bare in his marriage. The melancholic side of a sanmel will no doubt ensure stability, discipline and also make the sanmel person to be a little bit more conscientious in realizing that his spouse also deserves their attention, and spending time with them, even more than their friends and admirers outside their home deserves. Thus, a typical phlegmatic person will find a sanmel temperament blend very attractive, and they will very much complement each other in different areas of their marital relationship.

Similarly, if a predominant phlegmatic person marries a sanguine-choleric or sanchol temperament blend, they’ll also be able to complement each other with their strengths, and also make up for some of their temperament weaknesses. The lively, fun loving and charismatic side of a typical sanguine in a sanchol, will sure combine with the courageous, dogged, self-sufficient and productivity of a typical choleric in a sanchol to make a sanchol personality the best match for a shy, introverted and also fearful phlegmatic in marriage. And both of them will usually find some desirable qualities in each other, that’ll enable them to live happily together in marriage.

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