How Your Temperament Affects Your Marital And Family Life.

Temperament influences and controls everything we do in life. From our attitude and dispositions to things that concerns us as individuals, to how we relate and interact with others. It can also determine to a large extent how successful we’ll be in our human interpersonal relationships and also our marital and erotic dating relationship. If you are observant enough, you’ll discover that, while some persons are very approachable and easy to get along with, others are simply unapproachable and difficult to understand how to relate with them. These differences are often due to the different temperaments we’re born with, which we no doubt inherited from our parents and grandparents.

In today’s post, we want to examine how a person’s temperament affects their marriage and family life, so that when you see anyone manifesting any of these traits, you’ll be able to know the temperament category they belong, and also feel more relaxed and comfortable when relating with them.

One of the many problems so many couples often face in their marriage is their inability to understand the behaviors of their spouse, where such attitude or behavior came from, and also why they act the way they do. Best Temperament Compatibility For Marriage And Relationship. But if you can pinpoint exactly why your partner acts or behaves the way they do, then you’d be able to easily forgive overlook, tolerate or manage their weaknesses, in order to have a very peaceful and successful marital and family life. Read on to discover the qualities and idiosyncrasies of the four basic temperaments.

Different Temperaments And Their Response To Their Marital And Family Responsibilities:

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There’s really no much difference in the way the four basic temperaments behaves and relates with people outside their homes to how they interact and relates with their spouses and kids in their homes. Except for a melancholy whose attitudes and behaviours are often inconsistent, perhaps because of their multiple mood swings.

First off, let’s consider the sanguines who are the first and foremost extrovert of the temperaments. Sanguines are highly extroverted individuals. They are best described as people-oriented personalities who usually finds more meaning in life when surrounded by people. Whether in their homes or outside their homes, sanguines are very lively, hilarious and fun loving people. They often spice up their marriage or relationships, and make it more lively through taking their partner out on a date, visiting the mall, or just going out together for fun moments. But if their youthful or exuberant lifestyle overwhelms them, they’ll often go out alone or in the company of their friends or admirers leaving their partner behind. There’s no other temperament that’s capable of living exuberant and effervescent lifestyle than a typical sanguine. For them, there’s no age limit to this lifestyle. Sanguines do not actually know when they’re to draw the line between taking part in all the fun moments of life and when to get serious and busy in building their homes.

The sanguine’s spouse and kids are always excited when they’re at home, and they’ll often relish that moment. For a sanguine is a very hilarious and fascinating storyteller, who’ll make them easily forget the few moments they’re unhappy while he was away.

However, the sanguine main undoing in their marital and family life, is their lack of commitment, unserious and undisciplined lifestyle. No other temperament can be more unserious and undisciplined than the sanguines, and this character also reflects in their kids. 7 Major Personality Traits Of The Sanguines In Their Relationship.The spouse will often complain of these negative traits, and sometimes accuses them of infidelity, since they spend more time outside their homes. If sanguines are not controlled or influenced by another secondary temperament of almost equal proportions, they’ll almost fail in keeping their marriage and raising disciplined kids.

Cholerics are the second extroverts of the temperaments after the sanguines. But unlike the sanguines, cholerics are more disciplined, deliberate, determined and self-sufficient people. The way cholerics behaves and relates with people outside their homes is the same way they behave and relates with their spouse and kids in their homes, unless they’ve got a secondary temperament that sometimes controls and influences their behaviours. 5 Major Personality Traits Of Cholerics In Their Relationship

Cholerics are commanders in the field of play. They’re decisive, dictatorial, high-handed, authoritative and very hard to please individuals. Never try to argue with them or disagree with their opinion, for they’ll never whole- heartedly accept yours, and could make a mincemeat of you with their razor-sharp mouth and knife-cutting words. They’re daring  table-pounder, chest-beaters, and hand-flingers when they’re upset. If not raised with love or has a secondary temperament that naturally embodies compassion and love, they’ll know nothing about love or being emotional, and their milk of kindness and compassion is almost dried up.

Many cholerics who never experience love during their childhood or were probably hurt and sexually molested in their teenage years, often grows to become very heartless persons who never forgives those who deliberately hurt them. In their homes, their spouses and kids has so much fear and trepidation for them because of their hard facial looks and difficult to please attitude.

But if trained with love, or marries someone they deeply love, that often interests them, they’ll become the best spouse to their partner and the best parent to their kids. No one dares or tries to hurt a choleric’s loved one or people that are so precious to them. For they’ll fight like a wounded 🦁 lion to preserve their family and keep them happy and in ☮️ peace.

Now, we come to the second category of the temperaments, which are the introverts. Phlegmatics are the first introvert of the temperaments. These are people who more often keeps to themselves but they’ve got a natural love and desire to be with people. They’re the most quiet, gentle and peaceful individuals, who are very easy to relate and get along well with. Of all the temperaments, phlegmatics are the most peaceful, gracious, simple and easygoing personalities, whose fear of criticism, confronting pressures and challenges does not allow them to be in disagreement or conflict with anyone. 5 Major Weaknesses Of Phlegmatics That Negatively Affects Their Success In Life. This lifestyle also finds its way in their marital and family life.

A phlegmatic home is easily the most peaceful home. Eventhough they may feel bad about the attitude of their spouse, they’ll rather not talk about it, but will decide to conceal it in their mind in order to avoid causing chaos and commotions in the home. This attitude makes them sometimes being taken advantage of, and also subdued in their relationship. And since they do not speak up against what they feel bad about, inner resentments and negative thoughts or ill-feelings is not uncommon for them.

Phlegmatics parents are the type of parents that often fears scolding or disciplining their kids, so as not to get themselves upset. Their emotional nature could make them rescind their decision to discipline their kids when they misbehave, just seen tears rolling down the kids eyes. It’s for this reason that kids raised by phlegmatics parent grows to become very unruly, not just to them alone, but also to any other person. However, phlegmatics are very loving and caring personalities, who often desires very peaceful and romantic moments with their spouses or ❤️ heartthrobs, and also wants the best for their kids. But if they’ve got a secondary temperament of either choleric or sanguines, they’ll make fantastic couple and parents.

Melancholies are the second introvert of the temperaments after phlegmatics. But unlike phlegmatics, like i stated at the start of this post, melancholies are very inconsistent in their behaviours and attitudes, perhaps because of their persistent mood swings. How a melancholy behaves and relates with people outside, is quite different from the way they behave and relates with their spouse and kids in their homes. A melancholy could appear very calm, quiet and gentle outside, but they’re very lively, expressive and aggressive persons inside their homes. They could also sometimes appear very unfriendly, hard and unapproachable outside like the cholerics, but a very warm, hospitable and also enjoyable personality in their homes. It’s for this reason that people often misconstrue or totally becomes confused about a melancholy’s character. When he’s at his best mood, he’s a very peaceful and calm individual that you could mistake him to be a Phlegmatic, but when his mood is totally down, he becomes a very canterkerous and aggressive individual that you’ll wonder if he was the same person.

No one can understand melancholies better than their spouse and kids. If you want to know a melancholy’s real character, ask their spouse or kids, for they know them better than you do. 5 Major Weaknesses Of Melancholies That Negatively Affects Their Relationship.

However, melancholies are very loving, caring, hospitable and reliable personalities, who do not disappoint those who are honest with them and are counting on them to stand firmly with them. No other temperament is more loving to their families, and are more concerned about the well-being of their spouse and kids more than a melancholy. They’re extremely jealous and over-protective of their loved ones more than any other thing or person. For the Melancholies, their immediate family is everything. If you hurt any member of their family or loved ones, you’ve hurt them, and you are automatically their enemy. But one thing that negatively affects many a melancholy’s marital and family life is their perfectionist tendencies.

No other temperament is prone to being a perfectionist more than a typical melancholy. Their inherent perfectionist tendencies makes them become very critical of themselves and others. It often makes them nag and complain about almost every thing, and also fuels their hard to satisfy attitudes. But if melancholies can re-orientate their minds, and also change their mindset to know that nothing in life is perfect and no human can be perfect, and learn to always appreciate themselves and others, especially their spouse and kids, and become less critical, they’ll be exceptional and impeccable human beings.

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Thanks for reading through my post, I hope you enjoyed it. Endeavor to leave your comments, questions and suggestions on this post. Thank you.


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