Your Temperament And How It Affects Your Interpersonal Relationship.

Temperament And How You Relate With People.

Temperament affects virtually every aspect of our lives. Among other influences, temperament has the most profound and overriding influence on who you are, what you do, and how you do them. It does not change, it follows you all through life and you’ll be seen yielding to it’s influence unknowingly. Perhaps education, environment, parental upbringing and other external influences may try to modify or tweak it a little, but it really does not change, because it’s innate and you’ll always do according to its dominance. Even in human interpersonal relationships, your temperament plays a major role in how you relate and interact with people. This is why you do not need to antagonize anyone because they fail to act, react or behave exactly like you. We’re all distinct entities, thanks to the temperament we’re born with, thus expecting that everyone will behave exactly like you do, obviously means you lack understanding of the temperaments and its influence on humans. It’s for this reason that some persons will tell you that they find it very easy relating with someone, and finds it difficult coping and getting along with the attitude of the other.

In this post, we’re going to consider how your temperament influences how you relate with people, and the outcome of your interpersonal relationship with them. Join me as we examine the human interpersonal relationship patterns of the four temperament categories.

Sanguine is the first temperament of the extroverts. A sanguine is a highly extroverted individual with a natural desire to always be around people. Their motivation is centered around people, and nothing motivates him more than being with people or be seen around them. He’s an expressive, lively and highly-spirited individual, who uses his ebullience and charisma to attract people to himself. A typical sanguine is never in want of friends, for he uses his blustery an exuberance to always get the attention of friends and admirers, and keep them always interested in him. He is easily the life of the party, since he’s a hilarious and happy-go-lucky personality, who’s got what it takes to make everyone relish the moments they’re with him. He is nice to everyone, and the type that loves to greet everybody as he walks around his neighborhood. Most persons likes, and often speaks good of him, because of this artificial qualities. But a sanguine is not to be taken seriously, since his attitude or dispositions are rather vague and peripheral than profound. His love for adventures makes him get easily attracted to something new or more recent, and he’ll not hesitate to discard the old and former to try out his newly found adventure to continue his blustery.

A sanguine does not wait for you to come to him, he’ll come to you first to initiate a relationship, and once he’s no longer finding the relationship interesting anymore, he’ll cunningly abandon you for someone more recent that caught his attention or if your lifestyle does not align with his. Although, he’s a lively and fun person to be or relate with, but more often than not, he tries to dominate the relationship with his exuberance and be the center of attraction. And if he’s not allowed to vociferously express himself the way he loves to, he gets bored and will move elsewhere, where he’ll have the freedom to freely express himself. Though not a very aggressive and irascible personality, but he could relapse into quick and explosive anger if his feelings and emotions predominates his thoughts.

Cholerics are the second extroverts of the temperaments. But unlike the sanguine who are friendly and loves to use their swagger to dominate, and be a cynosure, cholerics are rather more forceful and assertive in trying to be dominant. A choleric loves to make decisions for himself and also for others, which many persons may not be comfortable with. He loves to be in charge, and also call the shots and he’ll not hesitate to ride roughshod over anyone who does not agree with his opinions or whose interest and desires conflicts with his. They’ve got the least interpersonal relationship qualities. His courageous, fearless and decisive dispositions often makes him believe he’s the best to do the job, make decisions, or lead a group. And if he’s not recognized as such or given that regards, he feels his ego has been bruised, and he’ll not hold back his angry look or vocal expression, and will perhaps spill the bean. He’s a habitual table-pounder and someone who uses different gesticulations to express his anger when conversations are not going his way. His high-handedness and hard to please attitude often makes his team mates, followers or subordinates very uncomfortable. Most persons are often scared of him, and always finds it very difficult relating with him because of his dogmatism and hard disposition. A choleric is a very capable and self-sufficient individual, thus, friendship or relationship means very little or nothing to him, only those who fits into his plans and goals are his major friends and confidant.

Now, we come to another group of the temperament category, which are the introverts. Phlegmatics are the first introverts of the temperaments. These persons do not find it difficult relating with others, and people often loves to relate with them. A phlegmatic is a quiet, calm, gentle and gracious individual, who’s got natural affection for people. He’s a likeable person, who does not easily get upset or become confrontational, but if he is deeply hurt, he could bear inner resentment and anger for a longtime, waiting for the right time to revenge. Barring any unfavorable situations, phlegmatics are easily the best temperament to get along with, without much conflicts or fracas. A Phlegmatic will not covet your position or try to usurp your authority, and you can count on him to efficiently do his job gently and calmly. His ☮️ peaceful and gracious disposition gives him the ability to weather any storm, but he could also suddenly react very violently if under pressure or gripped with fear.

Melancholies are the second introverts of the temperaments. Though a very loyal, dependable and self-sacrificing individual, but Melancholies are not passionate about having friends, eventhough they’ve got value for relationship. He loves people and often loves deeply, but he desires to be loved sincerely as well. A melancholy will not come to you or be the first to initiate a relationship, but he often loves people to come to him and show sincerity and commitment before his sacrificial love will fully be visible. He’s a loyal and dependable friend who’ll not disappoint when you’re counting on him, except he allows his selfishness or emotions override his sense of reasoning. His forthrightness and conscientiousness makes it almost impossible for him to betray those who confides in him. If a melancholy is for you, he’ll stand with you till the end, but you must win his trust by showing sincerity. And if he’s against you, eventhough he may not be vocal or expressive about it, you’ll know through his dispositions and attitude. Though he’s a nice and loyal person to relate with, and people often admires his qualities, but some persons still finds it difficult relating perfectly with him or are still trying to figure out the best way to relate with him. If you betray a melancholy’s trust, it’s very difficult to get back his trust. And if you hurt him eventhough he may not tell you, but he’ll conceal it in his mind and may decide to cut short his relationship with you, until you realize you’ve hurt him and be remorseful about it. Melancholies have very complicated nature that’s difficult to understand. You may relate with him for several years but you’ll still not be able to comprehend the kind of person he is, since he often relapses into different moods.

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