Phlegmatic Temperaments Marital Relationship.

Predominantly Phlegmatic Couples Marital Relationship:

Phlegmatics are quiet, calm, gentle, easygoing and never-get-upset individuals. They rarely hurt people and do not like to be hurt at all. Whatever that will engender conflicts and controversies between them and anyone will be totally avoided, even if it will take sacrificing their right. It isn’t for the reason that they’re not pained when they’re hurt but for the fear of getting involved in conflicts or fisticuffs, they’ll rather grimace over it and wallow in the thoughts of such a painful experience. Phlegmatics are as calm and cold as the tomb, even though they do bear inner angers and resentments against their offenders. You can go through your entire life without seeing them physically or verbally involved in an form of conflict with anyone despite how hurt they may feel.

Though very gentle, gracious and peaceful individuals, phlegmatics faces so much challenges in life. Perhaps, not particularly with their spouse in the marriage, but in taking decisions, giving leadership and directions in the home, raising very confident and motivated kids, and also facing the challenges and pressures of life. For a phlegmatic is a weak-willed personality who lacks self-motivation. Thus the marriage of two predominantly phlegmatic temperaments will either be cold or lukewarm and will definitely work on inertia.

However, it will be a very romantic one among both couples, a quiet and peaceful home but lacking in adventures and creativity. Not to forget, they’ll have problems facing the outside world. Since they’re like an oyster that is excessively secured but not creative.

For to live creatively and confront the challenges of life, one must stick out his neck and tread on unknown paths. But rarely do phlegmatics stick out their necks nor go through unknown paths. They like to stick to the known and already treaded paths for fear of getting themselves hurt in the process. Phlegmatics do not aspire or motivate themselves to take on a bigger task or challenge unless they’re being forced or pushed, even when they’ve got all it takes to succeed. This consequently hinders them from attaining the heights of success they wished for, and could have gotten to in life.

This weakness also finds its way in the phlegmatic’s home and in their Marital relationship. Phlegmatics are also emotional people like their melancholy counterparts, no wonder they’re genuinely and easily attracted to the opposite sex who gives them so much care and attention. Although they have a very good and quality sexual moments with their spouses and heartthrobs, but their sex life is streamlined. Since they’re neither adventurous nor creative people, it permeates into everything they do in life including their sexual lifestyles. The moment they’re accustomed to a particular pattern or sex position, they’ll hardly change it or attempt anything new. They are too shy to open up or talk about sex with their partner no matter how bad or unsatisfied they may feel about it. They’ll rather conceal it in their mind.

Young phlegmatic women among other Temperaments gets the most sexual advances from men, and they have had the most sexual experiences before going into marriage. For their weak-willed nature and inability to resist the pressures of subtle sexual advances made at them, and the fear of getting into conflict with anyone often makes them vicillate under pressure. Another very important aspect of the phlegmatic you need to be aware of, is that phlegmatics needs tender love, care and attention from their partner always.

If they’re not getting that needed attention and commitment from you, and there’s someone, probably a friend or colleague who is always around and shows them that care and attention, then your marriage or relationship is at stake. For they’re often carried away by such show of care, attention and commitment and they do not have the charisma to stoutly resist those who gives it to them, should they be persistent in persuading them for sexual intercourse.

Phlegmatic kids are the most subdued kids of all the Temperaments. For what could one expect from a kid raised by parents who are always scared of facing pressures and the challenges life throws at them or are so scared of being hurt by people, and will not hesitate to surrender their rights, just so they do not get into conflicts with anyone? Phlegmatic parents will often decline displining their kids just for the fear of getting themselves hurt emotionally. The kids grows with the mentality that they cannot be disciplined by their parents regardless of what they do.

The docility and permissivity of phlegmatic parents makes their kids become so unruly to the point that they do not have regard nor honour for them. However, phlegmatics have the neatest and most organized home of all the Temperaments. They’re the most caring and dutiful people in their homes. You cannot go to a phlegmatic’s home without seeing everything in it’s proper place and position. But it’s obviously not in the best interest of two predominantly phlegmatic Temperaments to go into marriage unless either of them has a got a secondary temperament of either a melancholy, sanguine or choleric.

For the marriage of two predominant phlegmatic couples will be fraught with so much sluggishness, docility, indecision, fear, lack of determination and motivation which are necessary in order to raise very responsible and well-bred kids.

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