12 Best Jobs or Careers For A Sanguine-Choleric Blend of Temperament.

Which Jobs Best Suits A Sanchol Temperament Blend?

Much as we talk about the four basic temperament categories and the jobs or careers they’re best suited for. It is important we do not only focus on the four categories of temperament alone but rather extend it to discussing the twelve blends of temperaments for a more detailed and elaborate discuss.

This is absolutely necessary because no one person was born with just one particular temperament, but a blend or mix of two or more of them which are usually in varying proportions or degrees.

The coming together of two persons of different backgrounds and origin way back from our great grandparents to our grandparents and finally to our parents, makes it very possible for we all to possess more than just one of the four basic temperaments.

Right from the days of our great grandparents, grandparents and also to our contemporary parents. The temperament a person is born with, has never been singular, but usually a combination or blend of two or more of them in varying proportions.

And since temperament is obviously hereditary or an inherited traits, we must certainly inherit the primary temperament of both parents, which influences our personality traits. For instance, if may be your predominant sanguine great grandfather married a phlegmatic great grandmother.

Then either your grandpa or grandma must have a blend of sanguine and also phlegmatic. Therefore, making them either sanphleg or phlegsan,  depending on the particular parent either of them had taken more genes from.

And if perhaps either your sanphleg or may be phlegsan grandfather or mother marries someone who has got predominantly melancholic traits. For the fact that they’ve got sanguine or phlegmatic as their basic or primary temperament and later got married to another predominant melancholic.

Then either of your immediate parent will be either a phlegmel or melphleg, sanmel or melsan depending on the particular parent they had inherited more genes from.

Note the prefixes in both phlegmel, melphleg, sanmel and also melsan. These prefixes are usually used to describe the primary or predominant temperament which has more control and influence on the behavioural pattern of a person.

While the suffixes are the secondary temperament which is usually hidden and less influential on a person’s traits and behavioral patterns. Therefore, whichever temperament type your parents had inherited from their own parents will naturally be transferred to you during your conception.

Temperament rarely changes. It’s an inherited traits, thus, it’s innate and it follows us all through life. Although education, societal an environmental influences, parental upbringing and perhaps other life experiences, may try or attempt to tweak it a bit, but the temperament we are born with, does not change as we will unknowingly continue to yield to its influence on us.

In today’s post, and perhaps in later or subsequent posts, we will be dwelling more on the temperament blends , their various strengths and weakness, and also the best careers that matches their strengths.

Thus, we want to start with sanchols, to consider some of the best Jobs or careers that a sanchol blend will be best suited for. Which they will also not struggle to be successful in, since it ranks even with their temperament strengths.

Best Jobs or careers for Sanchol Temperament Blend:

Sanchols are the most extroverted or the strongest extrovert of the blends of temperaments. Since sanguine is the predominant temperament here, and highly extroverted, thus when it’s combined with another extrovert  like the choleric, perhaps a little bit lower in extroversion compared to the sanguine, a sanchol will definitely be a superextroverted personality.

This person will be very active, full of life, and fun to be with. Rarely will they feel bored or lonely, for their natural outgoing and people-oriented qualities, enables them to so easily overcome boredom. He combines the liveliness of the sanguine plus the self-sufficiency of the choleric  to make him both lively and also most times, thinks and acts independently.

They are easily the most enthusiastic, optimistic and also people-oriented personality of all the temperament blends. They love and enjoy working in a team or with different persons.

Thus, any job or career that will often expose them to meeting and relating with different persons, where they will have the opportunity to display their exuberant, effervescent and vivacious lifestyle is what they often crave for.

They will therefore most likely pander towards some people-oriented careers or jobs, and will effortlessly succeed in it, since it matches their basic core strengths.

Sanchols are the blends that will be happy and playful while also doing their jobs. At the workplace, they’re rarely moody or bored unless when they’re lonely. But even if they are lonely, they must find a way to keep themselves happy.

Their smartphones will be their next main companion, as they will often laugh hysterically while chatting with friends and admirers, so as to keep themselves busy and happy. For typical sanchols, there’s never a dull moment. If all these traits perfectly describes you as a sanchol, then the following jobs or careers will be best suitable for you.

1. Sales Representative:

A sanchol is the most efficient sales personnel. For he combines and uses the charisma of the sanguine plus the motivational ability of the choleric to convert a potential client or customer into a paying one. They know how to use their charming smile, enticing words and their sugar-coated tongues to get your attention.

Even if you are the most serious, unfriendly and perhaps, meanest of persons, you would probably give a sanchol the audience. Because he is very bold, confident and charismatic to approach anyone and succinctly make very enticing proposals to you.

The sanchols are the most outgoing and people-oriented persons of the temperament blends. Though they may not be the most friendly in the real meaning of what friendship is about. But they’re the first to easily come to you to initiate a discussion or start a conversation, regardless of your hard facial expressions and a seeming unfriendly disposition.

As someone who’s a sanguine-choleric temperament blend, a job or career in sales, perhaps as a sales personnel or representative is sure one of the best for you. Because you have the natural charisma, courage, motivational skills and ability and also word-of-mouth to approach anyone and talk them into patronizing your company’s products or services thus, leading to more sales for your organization.

The 1-Page marketing plan book by Allan Dib will further help you to upscale your sales and marketing skills and advance in your career.

2. Customer Service Relationship:

No other temperament blend relates really well with clients and customers better than sanchols. Next to them in terms of relating very well with their clients and customers are sanphlegs.

Not because they’re the most friendly, patient and accommodating persons but because they enjoy being with people a lot and having discussions and conversations with them. Plus, they also have a target of what they want to get from you.

Sanchols are more often than not interested in what they can get from you, rather than maintaining or may be having a long-time relationship with you. And if perhaps, they often can’t get from you what they want or they no longer find you interesting, they quickly abandon you, and move on with their lives.

But if they’ve got anything to market to you, which could be to their own advantage. They will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to make you get interested in what they have to offer, and they could also do everything possible to keep and maintain the relationship, as long as they still consider you very valuable to their business.

However, regardless of any hidden motive, sanchols are easily the most efficient customer or clients service relationship personnels. They know how to attract people, appeal to their emotions or sentiments and also keep them coming back for their products or services.

It’s mainly for this reason that most persons loves patronizing a particular business, simply because they’ve got very good customer and client service relationship. Which a typical sanchol will definitely guarantee you.

Therefore, as someone who has got a sanchol temperament blend, getting a job as a customer service relationship personnel will be a very rewarding one, because it ranks even with your temperament strength.

The ability to create a very convivial ambience in relating with clients and customers which everyone panders to, is rarely a difficult task for you. Books like customer relationship management by Michael Pearce will help you advance in this career.

3. Public Relations and Marketing:

There’s no other temperament that knows how to market, promote or sell a product or brand to the public more than sanchols. Whether or not it is a bad product, a sanchol knows how to package it with their word-of-mouth and sell it to unsuspecting potential clients or customers.

He often do this easily his mouth without any struggle. It’s very possible for you to have bought into their proposal or being bought over before you could realize that it’s really not worth it.

They often use their natural charisma, oratory, subtle and succinct words to appeal to your sentiments. Majority of brands in the world became popular and renowned because they hired  very good and efficient marketing and Public Relations personnel.

Without any iota of doubt, I strongly believe that they must be sanchol temperament blend, or at least has got some traits of sanguine plus choleric temperament in them.

Books like customer relationship management by Roger J. Baran & Galka and modern guide to public relations by Amy Rosenberg will help you advance in your marketing and public relations career.

4. International Relations:

Eventhough sanchols are not very good at keeping and maintaining long-term relationship unless they’ve got something that keeps them very much interested in it, but they’re the most successful temperament blends when it comes to initiating or starting a new relationship.

No matter how very unfriendly and unsociable you may be, if a sanchol is interested in you, he sure knows how to work his way into your heart by consistently appealing to what you crave for, or your emotions through his lively, vivacious and flamboyant lifestyle.

His charismatic and selfless nature makes it easier for him to be the first to approach anyone, and ask for a friendly relationship. And since it is not uncommon for human beings to often pander towards those who seems to show so much interest in them, thus people more often than not, and perhaps unintendedly, finds themselves in a convivial relationship with a sanchol personality.

It’s basically for this reason that a career or job in international relation where you’re abreast of how different sovereign countries relates politically and economically, and how you can broker such relationship for your country, is one of the best for you as a sanchol.

A lot of countries finds it very difficult to relate with one another, perhaps because of the ego of superiority over others, or maybe their leadership has always had very unfriendly and also undiplomatic relationship with other nations.

This is where the natural skill and talent of a sanchol temperament blend, combined with his formal education in international relations is required to broker a cordial, peaceful relationship that will be mutually beneficial to both countries.

Another temperament that can also perform this duty really well, is a sanphleg. For he’ll use his meekness and diplomacy to initiate a peaceful relationship for, and between his country and others.

5. Community Relations Officer:

A lot of companies, industries and  business organizations are obviously passionate about maintaining a good working relationship with their host communities, in order to seamlessly carry-out their operations in those communities. Thus, the need to hire a very competent community relations personnel or officer.

There’s no better temperament blend that has got the charisma, oratory, PR and marketing skills to relate with the natives of those communities and be the middleman between his company and the community, better than a sanchol blend, or someone who at least has sanguine as their primary temperament.

A typical sanchol temperament blend will do better in this career, than any of the other sanguine blend, because he’s first of all got the people-oriented qualities and marketing skills of the sanguine, plus the leadership and productive qualities of the choleric. Therefore, they are more likely to succeed as community relations officer ahead of others.

6. Field/practical jobs:

Sanchols, whether male or female are rarely theoretical persons. Thus, they are more passionate about practical than theoretical knowledge. A skilled or professionally trained sanchol will prefer to be in the field than do all the paperworks in the office.

A sanchol engineer, nurse, marketer, sales and business manager, or in any other professional career that is both theoretical and practical in nature. A typical sanchol will prefer to be in the field than stay back in the office. This is because sanchols naturally likes to work with their hands on things they can see, feel or experience, than work with their brains.

Sanchols don’t like to overstress their brains, so whatever that’ll make them think excessively is better avoided. But if it requires practical knowledge and skills, experience and technical know-how, then they’ll do better in it. It’s for this reason they could be hired as construction supervisors, project and site supervisor or generally field staffs or workers.

7. Flight Attendant:

Have you been to an airport before, and you get so irritated by the attitude of the flight attendant? Perhaps his or her manner of approach was so poor. Looking very unwelcoming, morose, moody and totally unapproachable. While there may be other experiences you have with another attendant in a different airport that often makes you feel like coming back to board their  aircraft.

You see, the task of ensuring the safety, security and comfortability of airline passengers onboard a flight, while also welcoming them to the airport facility and making sure that they’re well treated throughout their journey is an enormous one. Which requires a business and marketing skills, plus a positive attitude and disposition.

Apart from a sanphleg or sanmel who comes close, no other temperament has got some of these basic business and marketing skills plus creating a very convivial ambience in order to woo or attract more people to their business than sanchols. Other blends will probably struggle in it and maybe become less efficient, but a sanchol will seamlessly succeed in it, and get more efficient and productive.

8. Receptionist:

A sanchol is one of the best blends of temperament that knows how to receive and welcome visitors, clients or customers to their company’s or organization’s businesses and also keep them very much interested in doing business with the organization.

If you want to grow or increase your clientele or customer base as a profit business organization, then you ought to consider hiring someone that has got sanguine-choleric temperament blend. Because they’ve got the natural ability and capacity to attract new persons to your business, plus give your clients and customers a warm reception that’ll keep them coming back.

9. Politics:

A sanguine-choleric personality blend will easily succeed in politics, when it comes to wooing and also convincing the people to vote for him. It’s mainly because he is the people’s person, who often uses his charisma, high-spirit, word-of-mouth and vivacious lifestyle to get the people on his side.

However, he will rarely make a good political leader, because he lacks the  vision and foresight to initiate new  policies, plus the discipline and also doggedness to stick to his policies or any project he started, if perhaps he’s got the courage to start any, and see it through to its full completion.

It is a typical sanchol politician that could start so many projects or maybe initiate some new policies without completing or sticking to any of them. Thus, this often makes his followers not take him seriously, and perhaps become fond of him because of his carefree lifestyle.

Nevertheless, sanchols are very good politicians, in the sense that they’ve got what it takes to pool the crowd and get the votes of people. But when its got to do with sticking to their leadership priorities and also showing political leadership capacity, they’re basically lacking in that regards.

10. TV/Radio Entertainment Presenters:

There’s no other temperament blend that loves to be seen and heard by people more than typical sanchols. It is for this reason that whenever they get any opportunity, they must utilize it and every platform at their disposal to make themselves visible to people or for their voices to be heard.

One of the main passions of sanchols is in entertainment. These lively and highly-spirited individuals loves and enjoys entertaining people, and also making everyone around them, those watching or listening to them to feel very good and comfortable.

Sanchols are very creative persons in the entertainment industry. They’ve got the natural ability to craft and create so many comic stories out of the blues to make you relish the time spent with them. It is basically for this reason that they easily succeeds as MC’s, and also in comedy or comic acting and as radio/TV entertainment presenters.

They could also become authors of some comic books or fiction and entertainment story books. Their natural creativity when it comes to entertainment is second to none. It is for this reason that a career in the entertainment industry will be one of the best for typical sanchols. Because they’ve got the natural strengths to effortlessly create interesting and entertaining stories out of the blues.

11. Public Speaking:

A sanchol is a natural orator. He’s got the natural oratory to make everyone pander to his opinion and sentiments. His charisma and vivacious lifestyle makes it very easy for him to stand before anyone or before a crowd of people and speak to them in a way that will uplift their spirits, and also get their accolades in return.

It’s for this reason that as a typical sanguine-choleric temperament blend, a career in public speaking is one of the best for you. You will not struggle to become an effective public speaker, because you already have the natural public speaking strength and ability. Foundational books like, speak so your audience will listen will help you to improve and advance in your public speaking career.

12. Sports:

Though the sporting career could be a general one for everybody regardless of the temperament they’re born with. However, a temperament blend like the sanchol will easily succeed in the sporting career and also quickly get to the limelight ahead of others.

This is because a sanchol is naturally flexible. They can easily adapt to any environment for as long as it puts them in the eyes of people. They often love to be in the limelight and be the center of focus.

Eventhough they may lack discipline to consistently train and practice, but they’ve got the mental strength and alertness to quickly perfect their skills and put themselves in the minds of their fans or audience.

They often enjoy the ovation when to impressing their fans or spectators on the field of play, and they do it with so much fun and flare, while enjoying themselves. It’s for this reason that any sporting career that’ll put them in the eyes of people is one of the best for them.

Conclusion, there are many careers or jobs that a typical sanchol personality blend could do very well in. But they will be more exceptional and clinical in doing their jobs if such careers are people-oriented enough, and often makes them a cynosure to everyone.

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